Jeremiah’s first email!

Here’s our first email from Jeremiah—a big surprise because I didn’t expect to hear anything for at least a few days!


Sup yo.

I’m in the MTC safely fyi. I only have like 2 minutes so I gotta be quick. Sorry for my grammar in advance.

The MTC is good. I can’t form an opinion on it yet because I haven’t been here long enough, but so far so good.

Just so you know, if you want to get emails to me the same day and not on p-day, use They print it up and send it to me so i can get it the day of. Choose provo mtc mission.

Also, my companion is good. We are the district leaders (I am the assistant which means I am the senior companion all week.)

Probably the hardest part so far is not calling people bro’s and dudes and guys. Its a struggle. I gotta go soon.

Oh, I ran into Dave Gabitas’s brother Bruce. He says he knows you.

Gotta go. See ya

Elder Jeremiah Brown

PS Tell Rufus he is a doge because I cant and he will forget.


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