Week 1 Yay

Ok, sorry Mom and Dad, I forgot to mention in my last email that that was just a check in email, not my P-Day.

Today is my P-Day. Sorry for making you wait.

Anyhow, I have a love-hate relationship with the MTC. A lot of times it is really fun, but then the other half of the time it is really hard.

The food here is good. It tastes exactly like the Morris Center food at BYU.

The highlight of my week was probably on Sunday when I got to see Elder Bednar’s Devotional “Character of Christ.” For those of you who have already been on missions, I highly recommend you go and find the written version of this talk online, because it is awesome. If you haven’t been on a mission yet and you are planning on going then just wait because you can’t see the video version of the devotional anywhere but the MTC as a missionary. It will be worth the wait, believe me.

I don’t have a ton of time, but I’ll try to give you a run down of how my week went, although it probably will not be as thorough as Elder Pickett’s…


Got to the MTC around 12:20, Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to take me to IHOP with most of the Utah Brown family before I entered the MTC. I tried to find Elder Pickett so he could be my host but apparently he couldn’t be there. I ran into him later though. Basically after they gave me all of my papers and stuff I was sent to class, and we had class until dinner time. We have class in districts and there is sooooooooooo much. We spend like 12-13 hours a day in the classroom studying and being taught. My teachers are Sister Weiser and Brother Carver. They are pretty cool. I went to bed that night completely exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep. I love life sometimes.


I don’t even remember what happened today cause I had no time to write in my journal. Thursday will forever remain a mystery.


We got papa Johns Pizza for dinner, that was a plus. We had lots of class and studying like normal.

Let me save myself some time. Imagine Brad’s-I mean Elder Pickett’s schedule and then remove language study. That’s my schedule.

I honestly can’t remember much of what happened in class except that we started teaching investigators on Friday. That went well but me and Elder Sheen (my companion) were still trying to get in the groove so they were a little rough.


We started the day by doing service aka doing the janitor work for our dorms. Tons of fun. I did get to dump buckets of water all over the toilets though. Yay. We taught more investigators, and had more class time. It was good stuff.


The highlight of my day was definitely the “Character’s of Christ,” but the Christmas Devotional was really good as well. Sacrament meeting was really cool too. Not much else happened, just a lot of studying and planning for future lessons.


Yesterday was hard. I was tired most of the day and we had tough lessons with the investigators. One of them went well though. The entire day I had issues focusing for some reason. The end of the day was crazy when a missionary in our residence chugged two liters of soda and ate 3 banana’s and puked everywhere. That definitely was the most interesting thing of the day.

Today I have done laundry and eaten food. I have done nothing productive and it is beautiful.

My companion is pretty nice. I kinda struggle getting along with him, but he doesn’t really struggle getting along with me.

He is a strange one. The only thing I can compare him to is a robot. I would tell you more but he is looking over my shoulder right now so i’ll tell you more next week.

His favorite things to do are reading and walking. He said so himself.

Lets just say I was going to rant about him this entire email but I decided not to because of Elder Bednar’s chastising remarks.

Brad’s entire zone knows me as “Photoshop Guy.” You can imagine why. I should really think twice about what I send in the mail.

Thanks for all the mail and packages. Special thanks to Owen for the horse tattoos. I really needed those. Pictures of them are to follow.

Stay crazy, stay awesome.

Elder Jeremiah Brown

(He added a few notes to us at the end, some of which I’m going to add here for your reading pleasure!)

Thanks for your guys’s letters, I appreciate them. I leave for South Carolina on the 15th. I have a layover in Georgia and then I’ll arrive in SC.

I am not too homesick don’t worry.

I ran into Brad today. Apparently his entire zone knows me as “Photoshop Guy” because of the picture I sent him. His companion put in a request for a photoshop job in 2 years so my schedule is already getting packed.

(He sent a follow up email stating that the pictures would have to come next week because they didn’t go through).


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