Week 2ish yo

I don’t have much time today, cause today is not actually my PDay, but I am allowed to email quickly as I won’t actually have a P-Day this week.
Ok so quick highlights of this week:
I have officially gained weight. Not sure how much yet, but I definitely have.
Thank you everyone for the packages and mail, I wish that I could respond individually to them but there were so many I didn’t know what to do. I literally have so much food from packages that I don’t know what to do. I have probably over 175 cookies and that is just the start. Thanks to Adrian, Caisa and family for the star wars socks. I am wearing them as I type this.
Things have gone really well between me and my companion. I will tell more of the story behind me learning to stop focusing on how happy I am, and just on others’ happiness in a later email, cause I don’t have a lot of time.
Our investigator Mina committed to baptism.
Sophia’s letter was amazing. One of the best parts of my week.
To Owen (I think): What the heck.
Basically this week consisted of me doing a lot of class and studying and then sleeping for the rest of the time. It snowed today which is awesome. Last time I’ll be in the snow for two years probably.
Ok I have got to go. I will call you tomorrow and we can talk then. I will give a more detailed email next week, I just am really in a hurry.
I have taken some photos, and they will be on a separate email.
Stay awesome,
Elder Jeremiah Brown
P.S. I highly recommend DearElder.com for mail that you want me to respond to quickly, because that is the fastest way of getting a hold of me. Also, don’t send anything to the MTC anymore because I will not be there. Peace.
(Jeremiah thought he would be able to call from the airport on his way to SC.  Unfortunately for unknown reasons that did not occur.)
Do I really want to post this next picture?  Here’s what Jeremiah had to say about it:
The MTC computers are dumb and they won’t let me send any more photos. So basically you get to see one photo of my messy desk. Yes dad nothing has changed, I am still a slob. Sorry about this, I’ll send actual photos next time, and I actually have some.DSC00416

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