Week 3?

I think it’s week 3, I can’t remember.

This week was interesting, tough, and kinda fun I guess. Mostly tough.

Christmas was fun and all, but it really threw a wrench in our plans
of doing actual missionary work. We weren’t being lazy or disobedient,
but nobody wanted anything to do with us. I don’t blame them either, I
wouldn’t want to be bugged by random people who looked like
salespeople on Christmas Eve.

So, we got a total of 0 lessons this week. Ya.

This upcoming week should be better because Christmas is over, so
there’s hope there.

But I really don’t have much to talk about on the gospel side of
missionary work. It’s hard when you have only 2 investigators (yes
two), and no referrals. It just means a lot of knocking.

Anyhow, I will be sharing a lot of “tracting tales” today because
that’s really all we have done.

So many doors… *shudder* …so many…

There are tons of really interesting people out here in South
Carolina. I have “knocked” into prophets, gang members, and the works.

Oh and a Satan worshiper (kinda). I’ll get into that later.

Remember last week when I said that there is a lot of poverty out
here? Yea. It’s bad.

One of our pastimes is something we call “G-Stomping,” aka “ghetto
stomping.” Basically it’s where you go and “stomp” or knock around in
a run down apartment complex and see who you can pull up from the
place. It’s actually quite successful because poor people are always
more willing to listen.

Our favorite stomping grounds are the Commonwealth Apartments. The
wealth part of Commonwealth is definitely missing. It’s so bad, it
isn’t even common. The one thing that is common there is drugs. We’ve
heard gunshots a few times too.

I should note that even though this is not a super good area, we are
safe. Why? Because the locals know who we are, what we stand for, and
they respect us. We’re still cautious in these types of areas, but we
feel safe, and there has only been one occasion where we felt we
needed to leave.

Trust me, we are safe. If we ever felt unsafe, we would leave immediately.

In fact, we feel less welcome in richer, nicer areas, because people
are mean and un-open to what we have to say. We’ve had rich people try
to call the cops on us several times now.

Anyway, enough of the safety stuff.

We were g-stomping through Commonwealth when we knocked into a guy who on the spot claimed he was a devil worshiper. I remember thinking, “wow, well I can check this one off my list.” We had a very lengthy discussion with him about good and evil, and it wasn’t until the end that he said “naw guys I’ve been messing with you. I don’t worship
Satan, I am actually really religious but I like to mess with people
like you.” We felt kinda dumb, but it was pretty funny. He ended up
being a cool dude and we are going to meet up with him again.

Also during that stomp-sesh we knocked into a little girl,  asked her if
she would give a Book of Mormon to her mom, and she said she couldn’t
because she was on drugs. We thought she was being funny, but come to
find out later she was dead serious. Her mom was in bed, high as a
kite, on some sort of hardcore drug. We gave it to her sister instead,
and that was that. Yay.

Christmas was good. I got to call home which was fun. Honestly though,
it was kind of a pain because it made missionary work really hard. I
never thought I would want the holiday season to be over, but man, I
kinda do.

I had Christmas Eve dinner at the C.’s house, where I had the ending
of the new Star Wars movie spoiled for me. I am livid.

Christmas Day involved me sitting around a lot. We had no
investigators, which meant no lessons. Since we weren’t allowed to go
tracting on Christmas, we had to just sit and wait for our dinner
appointment. Yay.

Thank you for all of the packages and letters by the way! It made my
Christmas much more interesting.

The favorite thing I read this week is the section on the atonement in

True to the Faith. It is awesome, and if you haven’t read it you
should, especially if you struggle to understand the atonement.

Anyway, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you peeps next week. Sorry this one
was kinda short.


Elder Jeremiah Brown


Elder Brown Christmas morning.


No idea about this one, so I’d just say, “Random field in Conway, SC.”


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