Not sure what week it is…

Alrighty so I apologize that last weeks email didn’t get sent off, there is a story behind that.

The last two weeks were fantastic. There has been a huge turn around from the lame first few weeks of the holidays to now. We have a pool of new investigators, and they are solid!
Remember the “satan worshiper” I was talking about a few weeks ago? He is our most solid investigator, and he is a solid one at that. We invited him to Book of Mormon class this week and he came. I was expecting it to be awkward and for him to not like it, but he told us later that he really enjoyed it and he felt like home around us! He wants to come back and he has some great potential.
His name is E., and to be honest when I first met him, I never would have guessed he would ever be where he is right now. It just goes to show that the gospel is for everyone, regardless of who you are.
E. is a big black guy. He plays football for the local college team, CCU. Although CCU is a smaller school, he is a really good football player. He had offers from Alabama State when he was in high school, but he was not able to accept them because of racial persecution.
Racism is real down here, especially in rich white areas. E. knows there is something missing in his life and we have made great friends with him.
We also put a member’s granddaughter on date! She is a super solid investigator, but won’t be baptized until she is 17, per her mom’s request.
We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week, and that was actually really good. The Zone Leaders were impressed with Elder K and I, and our district as a whole. We did get scolded for our Frozen poster. But it was worth it (thank you Owen). We are making friends with the members, and we are gaining their trust which is really necessary. Basically the last two weeks are what make me glad I am a missionary, because they were a ton of fun. We have also received several member referrals that are really solid. I don’t want to brag or anything, but we are ON FIRE. Time is going by soooo fast out here. It feels like just a couple weeks ago I was leaving for the MTC.
My favorite item of study this week was a talk given in the MTC called “Becoming a Consecrated Missionary.” Even though not all of us are missionaries, it can be applied to anyone. I will attach it in this email, and as you read it, try to replace “missionary” with “member.” It is a very eye opening talk.
Also, if you have never heard Brad Wilcox’s talk “His Grace is Sufficient,” listen to it. A lot of people have heard it before, but it is something that everyone should listen to.
In the Book of Mormon, my favorite reading was in Enos, basically the whole chapter. The part that stood out to me most this time was verse 9. After Enos had received a remission of his sins, it says that Enos felt “a desire for the welfare” of his brethren the Nephites. That got me thinking that we can know we have been forgiven of our sins when we have a desire to help others. The atonement makes us more like Jesus Christ. When we have correctly and completely used the atonement in our lives, it will make us want to bring the cleansing power of the atonement into others lives as well, because that is what Christ would have wanted. Just a thought.
The craziest thing that happened this week would definitely be burying a dead horse. Yep. You heard me right.
A less active member had a horse die and they needed help digging a hole to put it in, so we spent almost all of Tuesday digging a 5 and a half foot deep hole to put it in. The hole was probably 10×12 feet in dimension. The horse was nasty too. I will refrain from too much detail on how we got it in the hole, but lets just say it involved a car, a hitch, and a hook strap. Elder K, who lived in Hawaii, had only seen a horse once before, but now he can say he’s gotten real close to one. Really close.
He actually enjoyed playing with the living ones, until he found out he was allergic to horse hair. You know that part in “Hitch” where Will Smith drinks Benadryl with a straw? Imagine that without Benadryl.
At ZTM this week I met Sister S., who is from our area in California. That was kinda cool.
Last week I wasn’t able to get my letter out because we had a lesson go long and we were actually late home. The black box knows all.
Fun fact about the south: “Screet Talk”
Since Elder Pickett gives a lesson on the Czech language every week, I figured I would give one on my language. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone talks with a southern accent out here. In areas with more poverty, there is also a lot more variety in accents. One very popular element of poor area speak is “Screet Talk,” or Street Talk. Every time you have a -str- sound, you replace it with -scr-. The possibilities are endless with this one. Screet, Scrawberries, Descruction, conscruction, etc.
Have fun with that.
Anyway, thats my week. Thank you so much for all of the letters and packages you have sent me! I really appreciate them! If you were wondering, my address for letters is: 440 West Coxferry Rd, South Carolina. If you have packages you would like to send me, make sure you send them to the mission office via priority mail unless they are directly from Amazon. I won’t get them otherwise.
Have nice lives,
Elder Jeremiah Brown
Quote of the week: “A referral a day keeps the missionaries away.” -Elder Jeremiah Brown

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