Almost 2 months

I apologize in advance, this week wasn’t too interesting.

But, me and Elder K. destroyed this week.

Also, I am really humble.
So today, I have to be quick, we have a ton of shopping to do, and it is the last P-Day of the transfer so we have extra stuff to do as well. We have so much to do it is crazy.
I have not been the best at sending photos. I will send more photos later today, I have a bunch on my iPad that I have not been able to get off. I will be better at taking them though, I promise.
Anyway, this was our most successful week out here in Conway. We have gone from only having 2-3 investigators 6 weeks ago, to having about 25-30 depending on the day. We don’t have anybody close to baptism yet, but we are working on it. I learned this week that goal setting is really huge in our success out here. When we determine how successful we are going to be before we go out and work, we end up achieving that and more.
It has been very cold here. Some of you may have heard about the crazy weather on the east coast. My part of South Carolina hasn’t been very bad, we just got a little dusting of snow on Saturday morning. We are right on the beach though, so the chances of us getting anything big is very slim. The other parts of the mission did get some snow, and when it snows here everything shuts down because people freak out like it’s an alien invasion. Saturday was Elder K’s first experience with snow. He threw a snowball made of flakes he scraped off of the car window at me. It was easily the lamest snowball I’ve seen in my life.
We didn’t bury any dead horses this week, in fact nobody wanted us to do anything because of how wet and cold it was. We were knocking one night and several people told us to go home because we were going to freeze ourselves to death. Southerners freak out about 20 degree weather like it’s a drug cartel looking for it’s next victim.
Me and Elder K got sick this week, so it kinda put a damper on our work but it was still our most successful week out here. My birthday will mark my two month date out here in the mission. (His b-day is February 2).
Here’s the most interesting thing that happened this week:
So on Saturday night after dinner, I thought that I had the stomach flu. I felt feverish and queasy so I told Elder K we were going to call it a day and I was going to bed. I took some Pepto-Bismol before I went to bed, hoping that I would start feeling better. I woke up around 4 in the morning with a terrible taste in my mouth, so I went to the bathroom to get a drink. I looked in the mirror, and I kid you not, I thought I was in a horror movie. My tongue was jet black. I had no idea at the time why that would be, so I thought that I had come down with some crazy mutated version of the black plague. I grabbed a flashlight because our house has basically no light switches and just lamps, and I walked over to my bed thinking that I would just figure out what was wrong tomorrow, but when I shined my flashlight at Elder K’s bed, he wasn’t there anymore. I looked around and he was sprawled on the floor under the side of my bed. I was so spooked. So I went to bed and fell asleep because I really didn’t want to be awake anymore. I found out later that my tongue was black because apparently pepto bismol does that sometimes, but I never would have guessed that and there is no way I am taking that garbage ever again.
Here’s your fun fact about the South for the week:
In the south, you don’t knock on people’s front doors, you knock on their side doors. Front doors are just a “looks” thing. If you knock on someone’s front door they probably won’t answer because that door won’t open or there is furniture in the way of it. Our front door has my dresser in front of it and I don’t think it has been opened for years. It’s kinda weird going into people’s side yards to knock on their door but I guess that’s because I’m not used to it.
Anyway, that’s about all that happened this week.
By the way, I was wrong about the mail. You should send everything to the mission office regardless of if it is a package or letter. My mom will put the address at the end of this email because I don’t know it (right mom?).
This week I will try writing a daily electronic copy of what I put in my journal so you can have a more detailed version of my day to day life.
Until then, stay cool,
Elder Jeremiah Brown
South Carolina Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Dr. Ste. B
Irmo, SC 29063
Pictures!  (There are no captions from Elder Brown for these, so I just invented my own).
Elders Brown and K. feeding a horse.


Digging the grave for a dead horse.  (Who’s doing all the work here?)


The digging crew.


Cars in SC?



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