Cars are beautiful

Ok so I’m not gonna lie, I did a terrible job of writing in the
electronic version of my journal this week, so this email is gonna be

On a better note, this week was awesome. We made some great progress
in the area and I had a great exchange with Elder L., our zone

And without further adieu, here is my week.


Today was the least productive P-Day I have had in my life. It was
rainy the entire day and we had no car, so as a result we did nothing.
We literally just sat around the apartment, wrote emails, and cleaned.
We weren’t even able to go shopping for the week.

Later in the evening, we went over to the C.’s for dinner. The
C.’s are really awesome and we had a lot of fun there (mom, they are
the ones that sent you a photo of me). After that Brother C.
offered to drive us to the grocery store so we could buy milk, because
that was all we really needed. We think that Brother C. is a
undercover salesperson for Publix grocery store because we ended up
buying like $30 worth of food because he convinced us to. We really
don’t understand why but somehow he got us to buy the entire store
out. That was our day.


Today we did a lot of knocking and we found a few new investigators.
We spent the evening preparing for exchanges with the zone leaders
tomorrow. I found out today that I would be leading the area during
the exchange, which means that I have to show the zone leader around.
I was kinda worried because I am still learning my way around the
area, so I studied a lot of maps tonight. That was about it.


Today was crazy, tiring, and awesome. We had exchanges with the zone
leaders and I was with Elder L., who is from Peru. He is one of the
most stressful people to be around because he kinda likes being better
than everyone. I think being a zone leader has given him a big head,
but meh. He is still a nice guy and we got along well. We had a great
exchange regardless. We were able to put someone on date named V.
and we witnessed a miracle.

Today was WAY windy and there were a bunch of tornado warnings. It got
to the point that I was being blown over on my bike. It also dumped
rain randomly. Elder L. and I were having a normal exchange, biking
around Blythewood, until it got dark. I decided to move my back light
reflector onto Elder L.’s bike because he didn’t have one and he had
been riding behind me. I moved it onto his bike and realized that the
light wasn’t working. It just randomly decided to break. We were about
5 miles away from home, it was terrifyingly windy, and it was cold and
dark. We probably shouldn’t have been biking in this weather in the
first place, let alone without a light. The only way home was down Lee
road which is VERY dangerous even with a light. Reality was that if we
were to bike home we would probably either be blown into the ditch on
the side of the road, or we would be hit by a car. I tried getting the
light to work but I had no luck. When something like this happens we
normally call the Sandhills missionaries and ask for a lift, but we
still hadn’t gotten the car back. Worse yet, I couldn’t find any
members who could come get us. Elder L. and I decided that the only
thing we could do was say a prayer. So we did, and I felt like we
should continue onto our next appointment despite the dangerous
weather. We were biking over to the appointment when we passed Brother
F.’s house, and I had a feeling to stop by. Brother F. is the
less active that Elder S. has been working with since he got in
Blythewood 10 months ago, and who finally came to church a few weeks
ago. We stopped by right when the weather got WAY bad. He looked
around outside and insisted that he take us back home. So he dropped
us and our bikes off back home. We were going to have him drop us off
at our next appointment, but I got a call from our less active mission
leader asking if we could give him a sick blessing. We decided that
that would be a better use of our time so we went over there. We were
able to give Brother H. a blessing, and I think that it was better
for Brother F. than it was for Brother H. because Brother
F. doesn’t have the priesthood and he got to witness a blessing.
Out of the whole experience, we were able to get safely home and gave
a less active a super spiritual experience. I can’t do the story
justice by typing it. That was our night.


We got the car back!!!!!!!! We threw a mini party we were so happy.
Today we exchanged back and then had an alright day. Today we were
able to have dinner at the G.’s and then had a few appointments
with investigators. Honestly, not much happened today.


Today we stopped by a lot of our investigators with J., and then we
had a super good lesson with C., our investigator on date. C.
went from a good investigator to a super solid investigator in this
lesson. He remembered his baptismal date, and asked if we were still
good for that day! He also asked where church was and wanted to know
the address. After all of that, J. took us out to dinner and then
Elder Snelson and I went in a little bit early to do some weekly
planning that we weren’t able to do in the morning.


Today we had a service project most of the day. We helped move a non
member family out of their house, and boy, it was a super nice house.
The cost of living in South Carolina is super cheap and this house was
HUGE. It was three stories and was a lakeside house with 8 bedrooms 5
bathrooms, and a music studio room. I asked how much they were trying
to sell it for, and the number shocked me. They only wanted 800k for
it, and they seemed to think that was unrealistically high. In
California that house would have been worth several million dollars.
Blythewood has a ton of wealth, but man, this was something else.
After that we had lunch at firehouse subs with a member and then we
did some door knocking. Then we had dinner at the W.’s. After that we
had a couple of appointments and we finished the night.


Today was a bit of a bummer. We thought that C. was coming to
church, but he didn’t. We realized later that we gave him the wrong
address, and his phone was broken so we couldn’t do anything about it.
Brother H. also said to expect him at church and he didn’t come.
It was fine though. We stayed positive and had a good rest of the day.
We went on visits with J. and ended up having a few good
appointments. After that we had dinner with the L.’s and worked a
bit afterward. That ended our day.

Sorry that this week wasn’t nearly as thorough as others, and also
sorry that I haven’t really sent any photos lately. I will be taking
some photos today in Columbia and maybe I can send them out tonight.

One thing that I wish I could tell everybody at home that I didn’t
understand beforehand is that being a missionary is a TON of fun. It
didn’t seem like it would be beforehand, but you just have to trust me
on this. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

I gotta go now, but have a great week!

Stay crazy,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Here’s the photo that some kind members, the C.’s texted me on Monday with this note:

“We sure have enjoyed your son being in Blythewood! He’s a great missionary!”

What a gift!


I want my car back

02/15/16 – 02/21/16

I’m not gonna lie, this week was really rough at first. It ended on a
good note though. I don’t know if I’ve said this, but I love it out
here. The mission is awesome and I am really enjoying my time out
here. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the next two years.
Also, South Carolina is beautiful and I love the people out here. It
feels kinda like home sometimes.

Our apartment has a major spider infestation. There are literally
giant spiders everywhere. We are friends of Hagrid.

Anyway, here’s my week.


Today I wrote emails and we went shopping. Apparently I wasted my time
with emails though because none of them sent. It was probably one of
the least eventful P-Days I have had. We got home and then we cleaned
the apartment until we had an appointment with M., a referral we
got from Arizona that I believe I talked about last week. She was
super solid, but expressed to us that she wanted some time before she
started taking lessons from us. Apparently she is focused on
overcoming an alcohol addiction right now, and wants to take one thing
at a time. We talked to her a little about the word of wisdom but she
seemed pretty intent on waiting before we taught her. We were kinda
bummed but she will be a really solid investigator one day. After that
we had a visit with a less active in the ward which was pretty cool.
That pretty much wrapped up our night.


Today we went to DDM and then I went on exchanges with Elder B. in
Ridgeway. Elder B. came out into the field with me. He is from
somewhere out in the middle of nowhere in Utah where he worked a free
range cattle ranch with his dad. He is the epitome of a cowboy.
Ridgeway, like Elder B.’s hometown, is in the middle of nowhere. It
is literally just forest land with occasional settlements. We actually
had a really good exchange. We met with a guy named T., who is
quite possibly the strangest guy I have ever met. He is a very
charismatic guy who has some disfiguration from a car accident. He
literally does nothing but play the piano, and he is insanely good at
it. I wish I had gotten a video of it because it was incredible. I
actually got him to commit to baptism too.

We had a meal with a Ridgeway member and I probably haven’t been so
stuffed in my life. He wouldn’t stop giving me food and I had to keep
eating it until it was all gone. It was a nightmare.


Today was probably the least successful/productive day I have had in
the mission field. A good chunk of our day was taken up by exchanging
back with the Ridgeway elders. By the time we had exchanged and I had
unpacked it was pretty late in the afternoon. We already weren’t
having a great day as our car was taken away because the Columbia
Sisters had their’s broken into and they needed a temporary car. So we
had the privilege of being the missionaries to sacrifice our car for

We were honored.

In their defense they had been on foot for a week so we kinda felt bad
after all of our complaining. Now we’ve gone from having to bike every
other day to biking every day. I honestly have no problem with the
physical aspect of biking. I don’t mind having to exert energy into
getting places. However, biking in Blythewood is like biking on
highway 1 in California. It’s flipping terrifying. All the drivers
here hate us because we cause mile long traffic jams down the road. We
also can’t access half of our area on bike because it is way too far
away. Basically this will slow everything down for the rest of the

We biked to our appointments that we had planned for today, and we
were just tickled pink to find out every single one fell through.
Basically we biked fifteen miles for no apparent reason. That was
basically our entire day.


Today was the second least productive day of my mission. We spent a
good chunk of the morning fixing my bike. The brake pads on my bike
decided to take a vacation and my rim was bent for some odd reason.
Then we had to bike to the library in Sandhills to do time,
which is basically an hour set aside each Thursday to go on
and watch videos. I personally think it is a waste of time and really
it’s just an excuse for missionaries to mess around on computers
without breaking rules, so I never really did it in Conway. Elder
S., however, has to actually do something during time
called “My Plan,” which is a program required for missionaries who are
leaving soon. So basically another large chunk of our day was spent
biking to the library and then me sitting there. After that I went to
get a haircut with Elder W. from a member who gives good haircuts
to missionaries. We had to bike there really fast and it was probably
one of the most tiring and hilly bike rides I have had out here. We
rushed there only to find out that apparently she wasn’t expecting us
because our phone is broken and didn’t actually send our text message
to her, so she was booked full with appointments. We rode back home
and basically it was dinner time. After dinner J. drove us around to
several appointments, and every single one fell through. Seriously.
And that ended our day.


Today was a major step up from the rest of this week. In fact, today
made the rest of the week a lot better. We got two new solid
investigators that we knocked into, and we put someone on date for
baptism. The person we put on date for baptism was C. He is super
cool and he said that us randomly running into him was a sign to him
that he needed to change his life. So basically that made our week. We
finished the day by going to our less active Ward mission leader’s home
for dinner. In case you were wondering, he has not made any
progress yet. Instead of releasing him, the bishop has decided to
call an assistant. Me and Elder S. personally think that this is
a bandaid approach, and we don’t think this is going to last for very
long. After dinner, we biked home and ended our day on a good note.


Today was good but we had a lot of appointments fall through.
Basically appointments falling through sums up my week. After our
normal day of work, we had dinner with the G.’s, a family in our
ward. Brother G.’s cousin is actually the new head coach for BYU
Football. After dinner Brother G. drove us to the adult session
of stake conference here. Elder Munds. of the seventy spoke to us which
was cool. After that we went home and that was our day.


Today we had stake conference. It was pretty good. Afterward we went
to a family gathering for one of the members in our ward for dinner.
We also went to visit a less active and had a good visit with one of
our investigators named B. It was the optimal way to end the week.
That was basically our day.

This week, although bad at first, ended up really good. I don’t have
much more to add for this week, but hopefully next week will be more

Drugs are bad,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Sooooooo sorry. “Try to contain your excitement.”

So apparently you guys didn’t get my emails on Monday. Sorry about that. Apparently the  email system stopped working for random missionaries’ accounts on Monday. I was one of them. I called President Turner and got special permission to send you guys my email today. Let me know when you get this so I can know for sure that you got it. Sorry again, I’m sure you guys (well at least mom) were pretty annoyed. P.S. I did get your valentines day package. Sophia, I loved your birthday letter! It made my entire day yesterday!

Think about it this way, you only have to wait 3 or 4 days for my next email instead of 7!
And with that, here is the long awaited weekly update. Enjoy

Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas came early.

So this is my week in the new and improved email format I am using.
Isn’t it amazing? This week was kinda slow in terms of missionary work
but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve had much worse weeks in Conway.


Not much happened on Monday, we went to Walmart, Ross, and then to the
library to write emails. At Ross I met a very nice lady standing in
line and we talked for a little bit about the church. I asked if she
would be interested in having missionaries over to her house but she
said no thank you. At least she was nice about it.

After we wrote emails we went home and cleaned our apartment because
it was absolutely filthy and I hadn’t had the opportunity to unpack my
stuff yet. Elder S. and I then planned our day and went to Sonic
for dinner and to sync our area books. That was about it.


Today we went to several appointments, none of which showed up. It was
sooooo cold. It was kind of a downer day. We spent the rest of the day
knocking around, which doesn’t usually lead to much success.

The one bit of success that we had today was a referral we received
from some missionaries in Arizona. They had a really solid
investigator who randomly moved here and wants to still be taught. She
is super nice and interested and we have an appointment with her on
Monday night. That was basically the only good thing that happened

We ended the night by going to the store and buying face masks for the
cold weather we were going to be biking in on Wednesday. That night we
did have hot chocolate from the machine you guys sent me. All of the
Elders in our car-share were impressed with it and they really liked


Tuesday was cold, but today was brutally cold. We had to bike In the
cold which was part of the problem. The low outside was 24 and the
high was about 40 (maybe), but with wind chill it was more like a
humid 20 degrees the entire day.

Car missions be grateful.

We actually started the morning by going out with J., a member here
who is waiting for medical clearance to leave on his mission. He is
super awesome because he loves coming out with us and he is basically
another missionary with a car and unlimited miles. All of our planned
appointments with J. fell through so we just went and knocked doors
with him. We aren’t sure if people were mean because it was a nicer
neighborhood, or if it was because it was freezing cold, but people
were really grumpy. Basically no success at all.

After we went with John, we stopped by several investigators, and none
of them were home except for T., an investigator we picked up last
week via knocking. He was still interested and he accepted a Book of
Mormon. He is a prison guard and has a very tight schedule, so it was
a miracle that we even got ahold of him. We got an appointment with
him in a few weeks, so we have hopes that he will be a solid
investigator. We finished the night with more hot chocolate.


Today we didn’t have very much success. This week has really been
slow. Me and Elder S. think it is because of the abnormally cold
weather here. Southerners aren’t used to weather like this and they
freak out whenever it gets this cold. I have been told to go home
several times, not because people don’t like us, but because they
don’t want us to freeze to death. People who like us and know us
sometimes won’t even open their doors because they think it is so

To the south’s credit, the humidity here makes the cold WAY colder. 40
degrees here feels like a solid 20 degrees in Utah or California. It
chills you to the bone and goes right through your jacket.

We had dinner with the F.’s, an elderly couple in the ward. They
took us to San Jose’s, a Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good but it
made me and Elder S. pretty sick that night. That pretty much
ended our day because dinner took way longer than we expected and we
had to go in early because Elder S. had to make District Leader
calls that night.


Today we had a Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) in the morning and that
took up a good chunk of our day. They did car inspections at ZTM and
randomly failed everyone. Apparently they are cracking down on car
inspections so the criteria is much more picky. That would have been
nice to know before hand but it didn’t matter because we fixed it

After ZTM we went to Taco Bell with the Sand Hill Elders (the ones in
our car share) which is kind of a tradition. It was about 3:30 and we
were about to start our work day until Elder S. realized that he
had a flat tire, so we had to fix that. The tire repair kit he had was
terrible quality and none of the patches would stay on. By the time we
fixed the tire it was almost 5. We went out anyway and decided to take
a late dinner. We were in some random neighborhood when we noticed
that Elder S. had a flat tire again! So we fixed that one and
realized there was a tiny, almost invisible sliver of glass inside the
tire that was popping holes. Once we fixed that we started riding only
to find out the gears on his bike weren’t working. So we spent another
chunk of time fixing that. By the time we were riding to another
neighborhood it was dark and it was rush hour. We didn’t end up
contacting any investigators at all and basically wasted energy biking
to nowhere. Elder S. had a really good phone conversation with
our inactive Ward Mission Leader and we started to figure out what his
problem was. I stared at the stars in the sky for almost an hour while
he did that. That was pretty much the only good part of the day.


Today was the more successful day of the week. We found three new
investigators, although they probably weren’t the most solid, but they
were still investigators. Later that night we had a bunch of
appointments set up, but they all fell through. Shocker. A lot of
people in the south struggle to keep appointments for some reason.

In all my time here in Blythewood, I have yet to teach a sit down
lesson in anyone’s home. But that’s whatever I guess.


Today was ward conference, so church started at 11 instead of 9. There
was also a lunch/dinner afterward so we got free food and an
opportunity to talk to people a little bit.

We had the highlight of our week today. Brother F., a less
active, finally came to church today. Elder S. has been working
on getting him back to church since he got to Blythewood (nine months
ago), and now he finally came! Elder S. was ecstatic and it
definitely gave us some morale boost because of the terrible week
we’ve had.

After church we had about five different appointments scheduled. We
were actually really pumped because it meant we would have a pretty
busy day. I guess we forgot when we scheduled these appointments that
Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and I guess our investigators did too,
because literally every single appointment we had scheduled cancelled.
So, we sheepishly wandered around town hoping to run into someone we
knew or someone who would be interested. We were not about to start
knocking homes because for one, it’s Valentine’s Day and people will
get teed off, and two, it’s dark outside and Southerners have this
thing where they think it’s late as soon as the sun goes down.

Let me illustrate in the form of a play.

Of Doors and Southerners

Me: [Knocks on door, door opens] “Hi, how are you today?”

Random Southerner: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Trying to save you from eternal misery.”

Random Southerner: “Do you know how late it is!?!”

Me: “Yes. It’s 5:30.”

Random Southerner: “Well it’s too late for that.” [Slams door].


That’s how it goes basically.

In all honesty, this wasn’t that bad of a week really. It may seem
worse because of the way I described it, but it really wasn’t the
worst week I have had out here. We may not have had a ton of success
but it was still a lot of fun. Elder S. is hilarious and we have
a blast despite tough times.

It’s been pretty cold lately. I thought that I had said goodbye to the
cold in Utah, but I was horribly wrong.

I’m not gonna lie, I miss Conway a lot. Conway was a ton of fun and
the people were super nice down there. I will probably grow to love
Blythewood just as much, but until then I am area-sick. Never thought
I would have that.

Elder S. got a package in the mail with no note. It was filled
with a ton of expired food and candy. We think it was someone’s joke
of saying that he is about to expire as a missionary.

So that’s my week. It really wasn’t super exciting. Wish me an
exciting future week.

Vote for me,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Something’s Snelly

Where do I begin… I guess I’ll start with transfers.

Life is crazy, but I am crazier. This week has felt wayyyyyy long
because of everything that’s happened.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about a so-called “Elder
S.” who lived just 15 minutes away from home in Antelope? It turns
out that this so-called Elder S. is my new companion! I am still

Elder S. is a really nice guy. He is from Antelope and is about a two minute walk away from the Watt Building (where our family attends church). He is in the last 6 weeks of his mission, so I will be killing him (mission slang) and then taking over the area when he leaves. We are in Blythewood, South Carolina, which is right outside of Columbia. Elder K. is now a zone leader in the East Columbia zone.

A little about Blythewood: Our part of Blythewood is super super wealthy. In fact, we have really no sketchy or poverty stricken neighborhoods in the area (now you can sleep at night, mom). The only issue about this is that a lot of the people here are kinda snobby because they are rich, which often times makes it hard to teach them. It’s nice not hearing gunshots though. Unlike Conway, most of the population in this area is predominantly black. 9/10 times our investigators are black if that puts anything into perspective.

My last few days in Conway were pretty good I guess. They would have been better if I hadn’t been sick with a cold and had to pack all of my stuff up the night of my birthday. I am feeling better now though and I was able to fit most of my stuff in my suitcases.

Monday night we went over to dinner at Bishop C.’s house. He has a tradition of serving crazy meals for the missionaries before they leave the area, so we had a very interesting experience. The menu included caviar, oysters, crawdads, octopus, tripe, pig snout, pickled cactus, beef heart, rabbit, frog legs, snapping turtle soup and rocky mountain oysters. If you are curious as to which was the hardest to eat, it was definitely the rocky mountain oysters (they aren’t actually oysters). Snapping turtle soup isn’t that bad actually, in fact, it is pretty good.

After that dinner we had a lot of packing and goodbyes to say before we left early Wednesday morning to transfer meeting. Transfer meetings are different now, so we basically all briefly meet up and get our new companions and then we leave. I personally think it is dumb because I think it takes longer than a normal transfer meeting, but whatever.

Wednesday right after transfers it started dumping. I haven’t seen rain that hard in a long time and just standing outside for 10 seconds got me soaked to the bone.

Me and Elder S. are in an apartment in Sandhill, an area nearby. We are in a car sharing area with the Sandhill elders, so we get a car every other day. The rest of the time we are biking. All I can say is that all you car only missionaries out there need to count your blessings because biking, let alone biking in church clothes, is one of the worst things I have had to do. Especially out here because there are a ton of hills in Columbia.

This area is pretty strong in terms of membership. The only problem is that the ward mission leader is less active, which makes things difficult because he doesn’t think he is and we have to report all of our numbers to him, including telling him the less actives we have taught. Imagine having to tell your mission leader that one of the less actives you taught was him. Other than that, this area is awesome. Even the Ward Mission Leader problem is only a small hurdle, nothing like my last area.

Elder S. is hilarious. He has one of those personalities where he just naturally makes people laugh. The first few days I could not stop laughing around him because I couldn’t take him seriously. We get along really well nonetheless, and we get a lot of work done together as well.

Anyway, that was most of my week. Starting this upcoming week I will be trying something new in regards to emails. I will be writing daily journal entries in my iPad and then I will send you those so that you can have a more detailed version of my life. I try to be detailed here, but I always run out of time. In fact, I am running out of time right now.

I got the birthday package you sent me at transfers as well as all of the birthday cards you guys sent to me. Thank you so much for them! Definitely the best part were the ties. Missionaries love ties, shoes, and money. Mostly ties and money though.

Anyhow, I have to go. I will talk to you next week and hopefully I will have a more detailed email and answer some of your (mom) unanswered questions.

Stay beautiful,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Photos for the week:

(My guess is…) Group photo of meeting with 50% of the mission on January 28, 2016 at which Elder Nielsen of the Seventy spoke.


(My guess is…) mission life is exhausting!


I don’t even know…

Oh my goodness this week was crazy.

So first off, remember what I said about transfers being this week and there being no chance of either me or Elder K. leaving? Scratch that. We are both leaving.

It’s almost unheard of over here. As a trainee and a trainer, it is very rare for you to be split up in the middle of training. On top of that, it is super rare for both of us to be leaving. Normally an area has one missionary transferred at a time, however, when both missionaries leave we call it “whitewashing.” Whitewashing isn’t very common and only usually happens when the missionaries before were terrible and ruined the area, hence the name “whitewashing.”

We whitewashed the area this transfer because the last missionaries were absolutely horrible. We fixed it up, re-engaged the ward, and made Conway/Myrtle Beach a way better area if I do say so myself.

Now our area is getting whitewashed AGAIN. We have absolutely no clue why this would happen because normally this happens to bad or disobedient missionaries who don’t do their jobs, but we have been awesome (I am humble I promise). We know it isn’t because we were bad because Elder K. is being called as a Zone Leader, so he is actually getting a promotion of sorts (although he is not excited because he hates having that much responsibility). The ward is sad and confused, as are we because we just got here and this place is the bomb.

Oh, and we have no idea where we are going until Wednesday morning at transfer meeting.

Basically our minds are blown.

Putting that aside though, it’s been a pretty good week. We now have a steady flow of lessons and a decent amount of progressing investigators. It’s just too bad that we are leaving now that things are moving smoothly. We have been nicknamed the “area doctors.”

On Thursday we went to a meeting with 50% of the mission. We were visited by Elder Nielsen of the Seventy. He gave us some great instruction on being better missionaries and we were able to do a question and answer session with him. At this meeting we also were told by the mission president that this transfer would be crazy and over 60% of the mission was going to be transferred. That number is HUGE. That means that if 10% of the mission gets whitewashed (which is a high number for whitewashing), every single companionship in the mission will be split up. The missionaries here are going crazy.

It was cool being able to see more people from the mission because we don’t get to see other missionaries very often. I met Elder S. who is going home soon, but I found out he is from Antelope, just down the road from Roseville.

To be honest, there weren’t any big developments in missionary work this week because it was filled with a lot of other stuff. Besides the full day training on Thursday, we spent the last few days of the week fixing up the house, and then packing when we found out we were leaving.

The Mission home apparently called our landlord, a sister in the ward, and demanded that the house be refurbished. So this last week we spent a lot of time helping her fix up the house so that we don’t get kicked out of it. The house had sooooooo many problems and we are glad that it is nicer to live in now. Well, for two days at least.

Now we have so much packing to do, not to mention all the stuff we have to do to prepare the area for the next missionaries.

You see, unlike the last missionaries here, Elder K and I actually care about the area and we are leaving detailed instructions for what to do here. We had no idea what to do when we got here the first time and hopefully the next missionaries can get right to work when they arrive.

Oh yea, happy birthday to me.  (His birthday is tomorrow!)

I have so much to do today, so many goodbyes, so much packing, and so much preparation. I will probably have a ton of pictures next week that I take with members when I say goodbye.

Me and Elder Kuamo’o are bummed out that we are getting split up, because we both really get along well and we get a lot of work done. I will probably have a lot to say next week because big changes are about to happen.

That’s my week. Crazy from my point of view, but probably boring from yours.

Don’t do drugs,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


Elders K. and Brown with a member, D. K. from the ward.



D. K.’s girlfriend S. who just got baptized.



Group shot.



“They call me the lizard whisperer.”