I don’t even know…

Oh my goodness this week was crazy.

So first off, remember what I said about transfers being this week and there being no chance of either me or Elder K. leaving? Scratch that. We are both leaving.

It’s almost unheard of over here. As a trainee and a trainer, it is very rare for you to be split up in the middle of training. On top of that, it is super rare for both of us to be leaving. Normally an area has one missionary transferred at a time, however, when both missionaries leave we call it “whitewashing.” Whitewashing isn’t very common and only usually happens when the missionaries before were terrible and ruined the area, hence the name “whitewashing.”

We whitewashed the area this transfer because the last missionaries were absolutely horrible. We fixed it up, re-engaged the ward, and made Conway/Myrtle Beach a way better area if I do say so myself.

Now our area is getting whitewashed AGAIN. We have absolutely no clue why this would happen because normally this happens to bad or disobedient missionaries who don’t do their jobs, but we have been awesome (I am humble I promise). We know it isn’t because we were bad because Elder K. is being called as a Zone Leader, so he is actually getting a promotion of sorts (although he is not excited because he hates having that much responsibility). The ward is sad and confused, as are we because we just got here and this place is the bomb.

Oh, and we have no idea where we are going until Wednesday morning at transfer meeting.

Basically our minds are blown.

Putting that aside though, it’s been a pretty good week. We now have a steady flow of lessons and a decent amount of progressing investigators. It’s just too bad that we are leaving now that things are moving smoothly. We have been nicknamed the “area doctors.”

On Thursday we went to a meeting with 50% of the mission. We were visited by Elder Nielsen of the Seventy. He gave us some great instruction on being better missionaries and we were able to do a question and answer session with him. At this meeting we also were told by the mission president that this transfer would be crazy and over 60% of the mission was going to be transferred. That number is HUGE. That means that if 10% of the mission gets whitewashed (which is a high number for whitewashing), every single companionship in the mission will be split up. The missionaries here are going crazy.

It was cool being able to see more people from the mission because we don’t get to see other missionaries very often. I met Elder S. who is going home soon, but I found out he is from Antelope, just down the road from Roseville.

To be honest, there weren’t any big developments in missionary work this week because it was filled with a lot of other stuff. Besides the full day training on Thursday, we spent the last few days of the week fixing up the house, and then packing when we found out we were leaving.

The Mission home apparently called our landlord, a sister in the ward, and demanded that the house be refurbished. So this last week we spent a lot of time helping her fix up the house so that we don’t get kicked out of it. The house had sooooooo many problems and we are glad that it is nicer to live in now. Well, for two days at least.

Now we have so much packing to do, not to mention all the stuff we have to do to prepare the area for the next missionaries.

You see, unlike the last missionaries here, Elder K and I actually care about the area and we are leaving detailed instructions for what to do here. We had no idea what to do when we got here the first time and hopefully the next missionaries can get right to work when they arrive.

Oh yea, happy birthday to me.  (His birthday is tomorrow!)

I have so much to do today, so many goodbyes, so much packing, and so much preparation. I will probably have a ton of pictures next week that I take with members when I say goodbye.

Me and Elder Kuamo’o are bummed out that we are getting split up, because we both really get along well and we get a lot of work done. I will probably have a lot to say next week because big changes are about to happen.

That’s my week. Crazy from my point of view, but probably boring from yours.

Don’t do drugs,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


Elders K. and Brown with a member, D. K. from the ward.



D. K.’s girlfriend S. who just got baptized.



Group shot.



“They call me the lizard whisperer.”




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