Something’s Snelly

Where do I begin… I guess I’ll start with transfers.

Life is crazy, but I am crazier. This week has felt wayyyyyy long
because of everything that’s happened.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about a so-called “Elder
S.” who lived just 15 minutes away from home in Antelope? It turns
out that this so-called Elder S. is my new companion! I am still

Elder S. is a really nice guy. He is from Antelope and is about a two minute walk away from the Watt Building (where our family attends church). He is in the last 6 weeks of his mission, so I will be killing him (mission slang) and then taking over the area when he leaves. We are in Blythewood, South Carolina, which is right outside of Columbia. Elder K. is now a zone leader in the East Columbia zone.

A little about Blythewood: Our part of Blythewood is super super wealthy. In fact, we have really no sketchy or poverty stricken neighborhoods in the area (now you can sleep at night, mom). The only issue about this is that a lot of the people here are kinda snobby because they are rich, which often times makes it hard to teach them. It’s nice not hearing gunshots though. Unlike Conway, most of the population in this area is predominantly black. 9/10 times our investigators are black if that puts anything into perspective.

My last few days in Conway were pretty good I guess. They would have been better if I hadn’t been sick with a cold and had to pack all of my stuff up the night of my birthday. I am feeling better now though and I was able to fit most of my stuff in my suitcases.

Monday night we went over to dinner at Bishop C.’s house. He has a tradition of serving crazy meals for the missionaries before they leave the area, so we had a very interesting experience. The menu included caviar, oysters, crawdads, octopus, tripe, pig snout, pickled cactus, beef heart, rabbit, frog legs, snapping turtle soup and rocky mountain oysters. If you are curious as to which was the hardest to eat, it was definitely the rocky mountain oysters (they aren’t actually oysters). Snapping turtle soup isn’t that bad actually, in fact, it is pretty good.

After that dinner we had a lot of packing and goodbyes to say before we left early Wednesday morning to transfer meeting. Transfer meetings are different now, so we basically all briefly meet up and get our new companions and then we leave. I personally think it is dumb because I think it takes longer than a normal transfer meeting, but whatever.

Wednesday right after transfers it started dumping. I haven’t seen rain that hard in a long time and just standing outside for 10 seconds got me soaked to the bone.

Me and Elder S. are in an apartment in Sandhill, an area nearby. We are in a car sharing area with the Sandhill elders, so we get a car every other day. The rest of the time we are biking. All I can say is that all you car only missionaries out there need to count your blessings because biking, let alone biking in church clothes, is one of the worst things I have had to do. Especially out here because there are a ton of hills in Columbia.

This area is pretty strong in terms of membership. The only problem is that the ward mission leader is less active, which makes things difficult because he doesn’t think he is and we have to report all of our numbers to him, including telling him the less actives we have taught. Imagine having to tell your mission leader that one of the less actives you taught was him. Other than that, this area is awesome. Even the Ward Mission Leader problem is only a small hurdle, nothing like my last area.

Elder S. is hilarious. He has one of those personalities where he just naturally makes people laugh. The first few days I could not stop laughing around him because I couldn’t take him seriously. We get along really well nonetheless, and we get a lot of work done together as well.

Anyway, that was most of my week. Starting this upcoming week I will be trying something new in regards to emails. I will be writing daily journal entries in my iPad and then I will send you those so that you can have a more detailed version of my life. I try to be detailed here, but I always run out of time. In fact, I am running out of time right now.

I got the birthday package you sent me at transfers as well as all of the birthday cards you guys sent to me. Thank you so much for them! Definitely the best part were the ties. Missionaries love ties, shoes, and money. Mostly ties and money though.

Anyhow, I have to go. I will talk to you next week and hopefully I will have a more detailed email and answer some of your (mom) unanswered questions.

Stay beautiful,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Photos for the week:

(My guess is…) Group photo of meeting with 50% of the mission on January 28, 2016 at which Elder Nielsen of the Seventy spoke.


(My guess is…) mission life is exhausting!



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