Sooooooo sorry. “Try to contain your excitement.”

So apparently you guys didn’t get my emails on Monday. Sorry about that. Apparently the  email system stopped working for random missionaries’ accounts on Monday. I was one of them. I called President Turner and got special permission to send you guys my email today. Let me know when you get this so I can know for sure that you got it. Sorry again, I’m sure you guys (well at least mom) were pretty annoyed. P.S. I did get your valentines day package. Sophia, I loved your birthday letter! It made my entire day yesterday!

Think about it this way, you only have to wait 3 or 4 days for my next email instead of 7!
And with that, here is the long awaited weekly update. Enjoy

Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas came early.

So this is my week in the new and improved email format I am using.
Isn’t it amazing? This week was kinda slow in terms of missionary work
but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve had much worse weeks in Conway.


Not much happened on Monday, we went to Walmart, Ross, and then to the
library to write emails. At Ross I met a very nice lady standing in
line and we talked for a little bit about the church. I asked if she
would be interested in having missionaries over to her house but she
said no thank you. At least she was nice about it.

After we wrote emails we went home and cleaned our apartment because
it was absolutely filthy and I hadn’t had the opportunity to unpack my
stuff yet. Elder S. and I then planned our day and went to Sonic
for dinner and to sync our area books. That was about it.


Today we went to several appointments, none of which showed up. It was
sooooo cold. It was kind of a downer day. We spent the rest of the day
knocking around, which doesn’t usually lead to much success.

The one bit of success that we had today was a referral we received
from some missionaries in Arizona. They had a really solid
investigator who randomly moved here and wants to still be taught. She
is super nice and interested and we have an appointment with her on
Monday night. That was basically the only good thing that happened

We ended the night by going to the store and buying face masks for the
cold weather we were going to be biking in on Wednesday. That night we
did have hot chocolate from the machine you guys sent me. All of the
Elders in our car-share were impressed with it and they really liked


Tuesday was cold, but today was brutally cold. We had to bike In the
cold which was part of the problem. The low outside was 24 and the
high was about 40 (maybe), but with wind chill it was more like a
humid 20 degrees the entire day.

Car missions be grateful.

We actually started the morning by going out with J., a member here
who is waiting for medical clearance to leave on his mission. He is
super awesome because he loves coming out with us and he is basically
another missionary with a car and unlimited miles. All of our planned
appointments with J. fell through so we just went and knocked doors
with him. We aren’t sure if people were mean because it was a nicer
neighborhood, or if it was because it was freezing cold, but people
were really grumpy. Basically no success at all.

After we went with John, we stopped by several investigators, and none
of them were home except for T., an investigator we picked up last
week via knocking. He was still interested and he accepted a Book of
Mormon. He is a prison guard and has a very tight schedule, so it was
a miracle that we even got ahold of him. We got an appointment with
him in a few weeks, so we have hopes that he will be a solid
investigator. We finished the night with more hot chocolate.


Today we didn’t have very much success. This week has really been
slow. Me and Elder S. think it is because of the abnormally cold
weather here. Southerners aren’t used to weather like this and they
freak out whenever it gets this cold. I have been told to go home
several times, not because people don’t like us, but because they
don’t want us to freeze to death. People who like us and know us
sometimes won’t even open their doors because they think it is so

To the south’s credit, the humidity here makes the cold WAY colder. 40
degrees here feels like a solid 20 degrees in Utah or California. It
chills you to the bone and goes right through your jacket.

We had dinner with the F.’s, an elderly couple in the ward. They
took us to San Jose’s, a Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good but it
made me and Elder S. pretty sick that night. That pretty much
ended our day because dinner took way longer than we expected and we
had to go in early because Elder S. had to make District Leader
calls that night.


Today we had a Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) in the morning and that
took up a good chunk of our day. They did car inspections at ZTM and
randomly failed everyone. Apparently they are cracking down on car
inspections so the criteria is much more picky. That would have been
nice to know before hand but it didn’t matter because we fixed it

After ZTM we went to Taco Bell with the Sand Hill Elders (the ones in
our car share) which is kind of a tradition. It was about 3:30 and we
were about to start our work day until Elder S. realized that he
had a flat tire, so we had to fix that. The tire repair kit he had was
terrible quality and none of the patches would stay on. By the time we
fixed the tire it was almost 5. We went out anyway and decided to take
a late dinner. We were in some random neighborhood when we noticed
that Elder S. had a flat tire again! So we fixed that one and
realized there was a tiny, almost invisible sliver of glass inside the
tire that was popping holes. Once we fixed that we started riding only
to find out the gears on his bike weren’t working. So we spent another
chunk of time fixing that. By the time we were riding to another
neighborhood it was dark and it was rush hour. We didn’t end up
contacting any investigators at all and basically wasted energy biking
to nowhere. Elder S. had a really good phone conversation with
our inactive Ward Mission Leader and we started to figure out what his
problem was. I stared at the stars in the sky for almost an hour while
he did that. That was pretty much the only good part of the day.


Today was the more successful day of the week. We found three new
investigators, although they probably weren’t the most solid, but they
were still investigators. Later that night we had a bunch of
appointments set up, but they all fell through. Shocker. A lot of
people in the south struggle to keep appointments for some reason.

In all my time here in Blythewood, I have yet to teach a sit down
lesson in anyone’s home. But that’s whatever I guess.


Today was ward conference, so church started at 11 instead of 9. There
was also a lunch/dinner afterward so we got free food and an
opportunity to talk to people a little bit.

We had the highlight of our week today. Brother F., a less
active, finally came to church today. Elder S. has been working
on getting him back to church since he got to Blythewood (nine months
ago), and now he finally came! Elder S. was ecstatic and it
definitely gave us some morale boost because of the terrible week
we’ve had.

After church we had about five different appointments scheduled. We
were actually really pumped because it meant we would have a pretty
busy day. I guess we forgot when we scheduled these appointments that
Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and I guess our investigators did too,
because literally every single appointment we had scheduled cancelled.
So, we sheepishly wandered around town hoping to run into someone we
knew or someone who would be interested. We were not about to start
knocking homes because for one, it’s Valentine’s Day and people will
get teed off, and two, it’s dark outside and Southerners have this
thing where they think it’s late as soon as the sun goes down.

Let me illustrate in the form of a play.

Of Doors and Southerners

Me: [Knocks on door, door opens] “Hi, how are you today?”

Random Southerner: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Trying to save you from eternal misery.”

Random Southerner: “Do you know how late it is!?!”

Me: “Yes. It’s 5:30.”

Random Southerner: “Well it’s too late for that.” [Slams door].


That’s how it goes basically.

In all honesty, this wasn’t that bad of a week really. It may seem
worse because of the way I described it, but it really wasn’t the
worst week I have had out here. We may not have had a ton of success
but it was still a lot of fun. Elder S. is hilarious and we have
a blast despite tough times.

It’s been pretty cold lately. I thought that I had said goodbye to the
cold in Utah, but I was horribly wrong.

I’m not gonna lie, I miss Conway a lot. Conway was a ton of fun and
the people were super nice down there. I will probably grow to love
Blythewood just as much, but until then I am area-sick. Never thought
I would have that.

Elder S. got a package in the mail with no note. It was filled
with a ton of expired food and candy. We think it was someone’s joke
of saying that he is about to expire as a missionary.

So that’s my week. It really wasn’t super exciting. Wish me an
exciting future week.

Vote for me,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


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