I want my car back

02/15/16 – 02/21/16

I’m not gonna lie, this week was really rough at first. It ended on a
good note though. I don’t know if I’ve said this, but I love it out
here. The mission is awesome and I am really enjoying my time out
here. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the next two years.
Also, South Carolina is beautiful and I love the people out here. It
feels kinda like home sometimes.

Our apartment has a major spider infestation. There are literally
giant spiders everywhere. We are friends of Hagrid.

Anyway, here’s my week.


Today I wrote emails and we went shopping. Apparently I wasted my time
with emails though because none of them sent. It was probably one of
the least eventful P-Days I have had. We got home and then we cleaned
the apartment until we had an appointment with M., a referral we
got from Arizona that I believe I talked about last week. She was
super solid, but expressed to us that she wanted some time before she
started taking lessons from us. Apparently she is focused on
overcoming an alcohol addiction right now, and wants to take one thing
at a time. We talked to her a little about the word of wisdom but she
seemed pretty intent on waiting before we taught her. We were kinda
bummed but she will be a really solid investigator one day. After that
we had a visit with a less active in the ward which was pretty cool.
That pretty much wrapped up our night.


Today we went to DDM and then I went on exchanges with Elder B. in
Ridgeway. Elder B. came out into the field with me. He is from
somewhere out in the middle of nowhere in Utah where he worked a free
range cattle ranch with his dad. He is the epitome of a cowboy.
Ridgeway, like Elder B.’s hometown, is in the middle of nowhere. It
is literally just forest land with occasional settlements. We actually
had a really good exchange. We met with a guy named T., who is
quite possibly the strangest guy I have ever met. He is a very
charismatic guy who has some disfiguration from a car accident. He
literally does nothing but play the piano, and he is insanely good at
it. I wish I had gotten a video of it because it was incredible. I
actually got him to commit to baptism too.

We had a meal with a Ridgeway member and I probably haven’t been so
stuffed in my life. He wouldn’t stop giving me food and I had to keep
eating it until it was all gone. It was a nightmare.


Today was probably the least successful/productive day I have had in
the mission field. A good chunk of our day was taken up by exchanging
back with the Ridgeway elders. By the time we had exchanged and I had
unpacked it was pretty late in the afternoon. We already weren’t
having a great day as our car was taken away because the Columbia
Sisters had their’s broken into and they needed a temporary car. So we
had the privilege of being the missionaries to sacrifice our car for

We were honored.

In their defense they had been on foot for a week so we kinda felt bad
after all of our complaining. Now we’ve gone from having to bike every
other day to biking every day. I honestly have no problem with the
physical aspect of biking. I don’t mind having to exert energy into
getting places. However, biking in Blythewood is like biking on
highway 1 in California. It’s flipping terrifying. All the drivers
here hate us because we cause mile long traffic jams down the road. We
also can’t access half of our area on bike because it is way too far
away. Basically this will slow everything down for the rest of the

We biked to our appointments that we had planned for today, and we
were just tickled pink to find out every single one fell through.
Basically we biked fifteen miles for no apparent reason. That was
basically our entire day.


Today was the second least productive day of my mission. We spent a
good chunk of the morning fixing my bike. The brake pads on my bike
decided to take a vacation and my rim was bent for some odd reason.
Then we had to bike to the library in Sandhills to do Mormon.org time,
which is basically an hour set aside each Thursday to go on Mormon.org
and watch videos. I personally think it is a waste of time and really
it’s just an excuse for missionaries to mess around on computers
without breaking rules, so I never really did it in Conway. Elder
S., however, has to actually do something during Mormon.org time
called “My Plan,” which is a program required for missionaries who are
leaving soon. So basically another large chunk of our day was spent
biking to the library and then me sitting there. After that I went to
get a haircut with Elder W. from a member who gives good haircuts
to missionaries. We had to bike there really fast and it was probably
one of the most tiring and hilly bike rides I have had out here. We
rushed there only to find out that apparently she wasn’t expecting us
because our phone is broken and didn’t actually send our text message
to her, so she was booked full with appointments. We rode back home
and basically it was dinner time. After dinner J. drove us around to
several appointments, and every single one fell through. Seriously.
And that ended our day.


Today was a major step up from the rest of this week. In fact, today
made the rest of the week a lot better. We got two new solid
investigators that we knocked into, and we put someone on date for
baptism. The person we put on date for baptism was C. He is super
cool and he said that us randomly running into him was a sign to him
that he needed to change his life. So basically that made our week. We
finished the day by going to our less active Ward mission leader’s home
for dinner. In case you were wondering, he has not made any
progress yet. Instead of releasing him, the bishop has decided to
call an assistant. Me and Elder S. personally think that this is
a bandaid approach, and we don’t think this is going to last for very
long. After dinner, we biked home and ended our day on a good note.


Today was good but we had a lot of appointments fall through.
Basically appointments falling through sums up my week. After our
normal day of work, we had dinner with the G.’s, a family in our
ward. Brother G.’s cousin is actually the new head coach for BYU
Football. After dinner Brother G. drove us to the adult session
of stake conference here. Elder Munds. of the seventy spoke to us which
was cool. After that we went home and that was our day.


Today we had stake conference. It was pretty good. Afterward we went
to a family gathering for one of the members in our ward for dinner.
We also went to visit a less active and had a good visit with one of
our investigators named B. It was the optimal way to end the week.
That was basically our day.

This week, although bad at first, ended up really good. I don’t have
much more to add for this week, but hopefully next week will be more

Drugs are bad,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


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