Cars are beautiful

Ok so I’m not gonna lie, I did a terrible job of writing in the
electronic version of my journal this week, so this email is gonna be

On a better note, this week was awesome. We made some great progress
in the area and I had a great exchange with Elder L., our zone

And without further adieu, here is my week.


Today was the least productive P-Day I have had in my life. It was
rainy the entire day and we had no car, so as a result we did nothing.
We literally just sat around the apartment, wrote emails, and cleaned.
We weren’t even able to go shopping for the week.

Later in the evening, we went over to the C.’s for dinner. The
C.’s are really awesome and we had a lot of fun there (mom, they are
the ones that sent you a photo of me). After that Brother C.
offered to drive us to the grocery store so we could buy milk, because
that was all we really needed. We think that Brother C. is a
undercover salesperson for Publix grocery store because we ended up
buying like $30 worth of food because he convinced us to. We really
don’t understand why but somehow he got us to buy the entire store
out. That was our day.


Today we did a lot of knocking and we found a few new investigators.
We spent the evening preparing for exchanges with the zone leaders
tomorrow. I found out today that I would be leading the area during
the exchange, which means that I have to show the zone leader around.
I was kinda worried because I am still learning my way around the
area, so I studied a lot of maps tonight. That was about it.


Today was crazy, tiring, and awesome. We had exchanges with the zone
leaders and I was with Elder L., who is from Peru. He is one of the
most stressful people to be around because he kinda likes being better
than everyone. I think being a zone leader has given him a big head,
but meh. He is still a nice guy and we got along well. We had a great
exchange regardless. We were able to put someone on date named V.
and we witnessed a miracle.

Today was WAY windy and there were a bunch of tornado warnings. It got
to the point that I was being blown over on my bike. It also dumped
rain randomly. Elder L. and I were having a normal exchange, biking
around Blythewood, until it got dark. I decided to move my back light
reflector onto Elder L.’s bike because he didn’t have one and he had
been riding behind me. I moved it onto his bike and realized that the
light wasn’t working. It just randomly decided to break. We were about
5 miles away from home, it was terrifyingly windy, and it was cold and
dark. We probably shouldn’t have been biking in this weather in the
first place, let alone without a light. The only way home was down Lee
road which is VERY dangerous even with a light. Reality was that if we
were to bike home we would probably either be blown into the ditch on
the side of the road, or we would be hit by a car. I tried getting the
light to work but I had no luck. When something like this happens we
normally call the Sandhills missionaries and ask for a lift, but we
still hadn’t gotten the car back. Worse yet, I couldn’t find any
members who could come get us. Elder L. and I decided that the only
thing we could do was say a prayer. So we did, and I felt like we
should continue onto our next appointment despite the dangerous
weather. We were biking over to the appointment when we passed Brother
F.’s house, and I had a feeling to stop by. Brother F. is the
less active that Elder S. has been working with since he got in
Blythewood 10 months ago, and who finally came to church a few weeks
ago. We stopped by right when the weather got WAY bad. He looked
around outside and insisted that he take us back home. So he dropped
us and our bikes off back home. We were going to have him drop us off
at our next appointment, but I got a call from our less active mission
leader asking if we could give him a sick blessing. We decided that
that would be a better use of our time so we went over there. We were
able to give Brother H. a blessing, and I think that it was better
for Brother F. than it was for Brother H. because Brother
F. doesn’t have the priesthood and he got to witness a blessing.
Out of the whole experience, we were able to get safely home and gave
a less active a super spiritual experience. I can’t do the story
justice by typing it. That was our night.


We got the car back!!!!!!!! We threw a mini party we were so happy.
Today we exchanged back and then had an alright day. Today we were
able to have dinner at the G.’s and then had a few appointments
with investigators. Honestly, not much happened today.


Today we stopped by a lot of our investigators with J., and then we
had a super good lesson with C., our investigator on date. C.
went from a good investigator to a super solid investigator in this
lesson. He remembered his baptismal date, and asked if we were still
good for that day! He also asked where church was and wanted to know
the address. After all of that, J. took us out to dinner and then
Elder Snelson and I went in a little bit early to do some weekly
planning that we weren’t able to do in the morning.


Today we had a service project most of the day. We helped move a non
member family out of their house, and boy, it was a super nice house.
The cost of living in South Carolina is super cheap and this house was
HUGE. It was three stories and was a lakeside house with 8 bedrooms 5
bathrooms, and a music studio room. I asked how much they were trying
to sell it for, and the number shocked me. They only wanted 800k for
it, and they seemed to think that was unrealistically high. In
California that house would have been worth several million dollars.
Blythewood has a ton of wealth, but man, this was something else.
After that we had lunch at firehouse subs with a member and then we
did some door knocking. Then we had dinner at the W.’s. After that we
had a couple of appointments and we finished the night.


Today was a bit of a bummer. We thought that C. was coming to
church, but he didn’t. We realized later that we gave him the wrong
address, and his phone was broken so we couldn’t do anything about it.
Brother H. also said to expect him at church and he didn’t come.
It was fine though. We stayed positive and had a good rest of the day.
We went on visits with J. and ended up having a few good
appointments. After that we had dinner with the L.’s and worked a
bit afterward. That ended our day.

Sorry that this week wasn’t nearly as thorough as others, and also
sorry that I haven’t really sent any photos lately. I will be taking
some photos today in Columbia and maybe I can send them out tonight.

One thing that I wish I could tell everybody at home that I didn’t
understand beforehand is that being a missionary is a TON of fun. It
didn’t seem like it would be beforehand, but you just have to trust me
on this. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

I gotta go now, but have a great week!

Stay crazy,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Here’s the photo that some kind members, the C.’s texted me on Monday with this note:

“We sure have enjoyed your son being in Blythewood! He’s a great missionary!”

What a gift!


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