Apparently I’m Fat

So this week’s email is going to be different. I didn’t really have
time to keep a nightly log of my week because this week has been
complete and utter madness.

This was quite possibly one of the hardest weeks of my mission. Why?
That’s a great question.

I’ll get straight to the point. This week we received a new policy.
Member meals are no longer allowed. We are not able to accept any
food, money, or offers for dinner from members unless an investigator
is present and it is between the hours of 5-6. We will not be
receiving any increase in monthly funds.

This wasn’t the only change. We no longer are allowed to knock doors.
We are only allowed to visit our current investigators and less active
members and use them to find other investigators. This makes
missionary work kinda hard in Blythewood because literally all we do
here is knock.

I totally support my mission president and his vision for the mission,
but honestly Elder S. and I, as well as many missionaries here
are distraught. When I thought of missionary work as a child I
imagined knocking doors and eating meals in members homes. Now both of
those are gone.

I am trying to stay positive but I am not going to lie, it is really
difficult. I could really use your prayers right now. I expected my
mission to be hard and I expected success not to come easy, but never
did I think that I would have a problem like this.

Besides that, this week was not bad. It did rain a lot and we didn’t
get too much teaching done because we are preparing the area in case
of a whitewash. This includes making a map of the area and updating
the area book.

We did have a miracle with our investigator C. He has become a
super solid investigator and he will probably be baptized before the
end of our month. We knocked into C.’s girlfriend and she seemed
super solid, however we didn’t think much of C. His girlfriend
ended up moving away and C. immediately became super solid. He is
super excited for his baptismal date and is counting down the days. He
did have a word of wisdom problem, but he is totally down to fix that.
We think it’s a miracle that we were able to find him, but he thinks
it is a miracle that we found him because he is seeing a change in his

We had the bishopric change this Sunday. Our new Bishop is Brother L.

Other than that, our week was kinda meh. We didn’t find any new solid
investigators and now we are not able to knock doors.

Here are some highlights of the week:

– I got to replace the second floor floodlights on someone’s roof and
I went Spider-Man status on the side of their house.
– I bought a rear view mirror for my bike helmet so I can see cars
behind me. I am questioning if this was a good idea because now I just
constantly see how bad the drivers are here and middle fingers.
– I am learning the Ukulele. One of the Elders here has a Walmart uke
so I am teaching myself.
– A less active member took us off-roading in the woods on the way
home from an appointment and it was terrifyingly awesome.
– I bought three South Carolina limited edition seersucker ties. Two
of them are going home to Ethan and Dad. These ties are like currency
in the mission and they are super hard to get. There are now only like
5 left in stores so feel lucky. (Don’t worry dad they aren’t that
– Today we are going to the zoo.

So that’s about it. Next week I will be more detailed I promise. I
also will try to add a spiritual part of my email. I just kinda
realized that I haven’t been doing that.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

It is warming up here now which honestly I would
rather it be cold. I hate the heat.

I am going to be starving in the coming months. Living off of $135 a
month is going to be difficult. Especially because we only have an
hour to make and eat food. I will probably lose weight.



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