Almost 3rd transfer, almost 3rd companion

I’ll be honest, don’t expect too much from the next couple of emails. I am killing (ending a missionary’s mission) Elder S. soon so we have a lot of stuff to do, and most of it isn’t very interesting.

Today we are spending his last real P-Day by going roller skating. Wish me luck I guess.
This week was very different I guess. We have to go about missionary work differently now because we can’t knock and since Elder S. is going home we have to start saying goodbyes to people. We visited a lot of less actives and that was pretty much our entire week.
It was P-Day and we went to the zoo. The zoo here was pretty cool but I didn’t get to see the birds so I’m kinda teed. We spent the rest of the night working on our un-finished map.
We had DDM and I don’t really remember what happened today because I forgot write in my journal today. We had lunch today with the Ridgeway elders after DDM and then went and visited a whole bunch of less actives and got to know them better.
Today we were on bikes so we did a lot of less active work in Winslow, the neighborhood closest to us. We knocked doors around the less actives houses because we are allowed to do that. We ran into a RM from a different ward who is now a salesperson selling solar panels. He offered to take us to get some soda’s so we went with him and talked for a while. We were even able to get a referral from him! Later tonight we went and visited C. and had a bomb lesson with him. He is so solid that it honestly has me flabbergasted.
Today was a party! Elder S. and I had to drive to Mount Pleasant in Charleston for a doctors appointment, and Mount Pleasant is like 3 hours away from us so we basically got to go on a road trip for the day. We have a bunch of pictures from the trip that I will send you guys in a bit. Charleston is super cool and Mount Pleasant is basically the Carmel of California. It is gorgeous and there are a TON of rich people living there. I got to see a whole bunch more of SC’s landscape and it is gorgeous. It made me wish that I had a camera that was actually good. Also, I got to pick cotton from some random field on the side of the road so I was tickled pink.
We didn’t get home until around 8 pm so that wrapped up our day.
Today we had a lot of goodbyes and less active work. Honestly I can’t remember the details right now but it was pretty dull, especially compared to yesterday.
We got ambushed by the Sandhills elders and I really have no clue what happened. The pictures should explain it all.
We went and visited F. for dinner and that was whack. F. is the oldest living person with MS, and nobody honestly knows why she is still alive. She is handicapped and can barely lift up a bowl of strawberries, and she tried cooking for us. It was delicious but we had to help a lot as you can imagine.
After that we had a brief lesson with C. and then turned in for the night.
Today our ward mission leader, Brother H. finally came to church! We have no idea what our bishop said to him but he was at church and he was actively participating. It was almost obnoxious how much he acted like he hadn’t been less active for the last 6-7 months. After that we went home, had dinner and then went to a seminary fireside about why we need the Bible and the Book of Mormon. That wrapped up our day.
So that was my week. It wasn’t the coolest but whatever. Pictures are to follow.
Elder Jeremiah Brown
Pictures taken at District Development Meeting (I think).
Someone left a sandwich on Elder S.’s bike…
The Sandhill Elder Ambush…
The Capital Building in Columbia, SC.

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