Staying in Blythewood

Basically this week consisted of goodbyes and more goodbyes. We had a lot of goodbye lessons with investigators

Transfers are on Wednesday so I will let you know next week what my new companion is like. Also, I will be staying in the area, which is a little bit scary because now I have to lead the area for the time being.

The major highlight of the week was having a ton of food to eat because Elder Snelson is going home.

Fun fact about the south, pollen is everywhere. There is so much pollen in the air from all of the trees that EVERYTHING gets covered in yellow. Literally our cars, bikes, clothes, and the roads are covered in a yellow powder. You can see it in the air. I wish that I had taken a picture of it on Saturday because it was horrible. It rained last night so its all been washed away.

I got $130 dollars worth of ties for $25 yay.

Now that I know I am staying, things should be back to normal next week. We weren’t sure if I would be staying because President Turner likes to whitewash areas with missionaries who are going home, but that is not happening here. I should probably be here for another few transfers so Blythewood will be my home for a while.

It’s kinda weird sending someone home from their mission, but it is super weird sending them home to your hometown. I can’t really explain how it feels but it is weird for sure.

Elder S. has been a very easy missionary to send home because he is still pretty focused and we have been doing a lot of missionary work, but it feels kinda different and we go about things differently than we would if he was a new missionary. Anyhow, hopefully my next companion will be a new-er missionary who likes to work really hard because that’s what I want.

I have surpassed my time now and I gotta go, but I will send a detailed, juicy email next week. I hope you guys are doing well. Sorry again about this email.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Me and Apollo


The T. Family


The next three pictures are “the best pictures of Charleston.”





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