Swivel chairs and other such madness

So this week was a good improvement from last week. We got a lot more
work done and had a lot more success. This week I am typing this from
a member’s bridal shop in Lugoff, South Carolina. I would say it is a
step up from the gym last week because I have a keyboard and typing is
much easier.

We had a prank war go too far with the Sandhills elders this week.
More on that later.


We spent the day typing emails and playing sports with most of the
Columbia zone. That was most of our day.


Today we had DDM in the morning and then we were able to contact some
bible referrals. Bible referrals are usually obnoxious because
normally it’s just cheap people who ordered a free bible online and
they don’t want anything to do with the church. Today however, we
contacted a bible referral that was actually solid. His name was
B. and he told us he wanted to bring himself and his son to
church sometime.


I don’t even remember what happened today so nothing special happened probably.


Today we spent a lot of time trying to get me a gps. Interestingly
enough we spent a lot of time looking for the place we were going to
buy the gps. In the end we decided to take the gps back because I
found one for cheaper somewhere else. And we got lost in the process.
We also had to pick up Elder H.’s bike which took way too much time.
Basically today became a mini lame p day.


Today we had a good weekly planning session and then we had an awesome
lesson with S. our investigator on the Word of Wisdom. We also got
him to come to commit to come to church and he was actually really
excited to come. That was most of our day.


Today we had a Stake-wide day of service and I got to use a weed
whacker so I am really happy right now. We cleaned up a graveyard
next to this old baptist church out in the sticks. It was pretty fun I
guess. We then spent the rest of the day visiting investigators and
less actives.


Today was fast Sunday, which is one of the hardest days for
missionaries because now we have no member meals and we were on bikes
so we starved. I had a nice rice a roni dinner instead however, so life
was alright.

Now that I have a keyboard I will start actually doing nightly logs of
what happened during the day so there will be more detail. Anyhow,
that was my week mostly.

Oh, and about the prank thing. Sandhills thought it would be funny to
take our swivel chairs out of our apartment and then put them on the
front porch area of their apartment. Well, apparently some scumbag
thought it would be a good idea to steal them off their porch, so now
we have no swivel chairs in our apartment. I don’t even know why
someone would want to steal those because they were already broken and
looked like they came out of a dump. The only thing that will make it
worth it is if I see some hoodlum rolling down the street on a piece
of garbage swivel chair with a stereo system duct taped to it, along
with a look of accomplishment on his face. That will make my life.


That’s my week though. It was good I guess. Kinda one of those filler
weeks when you look back at your mission.

Until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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