Merry Tax Day

Well I don’t have much to talk about this week. Nor do I have much time. But when do I?

We had a lot of meetings and went on exchanges so it wasn’t the most productive week I have ever had. We spent a solid 4 hours cleaning out our car because for some reason the mission is going Nazi on our car inspections and literally fails everyone, however we passed this time.

This week was rough for missionary work. Our most solid investigator, C., has disappeared. We went by one evening and there were police swarming the house and people screaming at each other, and now we haven’t seen him since. Hopefully we will get back in contact with him soon, but who knows.

We did, however, get to randomly run into an old investigator that we had never met or heard of because they moved away unexpectedly. She was super interested so we are hopeful that this may go somewhere.

This week Elder H. and I kept waking up to a beeping noise we couldn’t find at around 4-5 in the morning. Well, Saturday we decided we had had enough of that, so we found it. The Sandhills Elders stuck an alarm clock in our air vent and set it for early in the morning. We rightfully are retaliating by signing them up on the Jehovah’s Witness mail list.

Transfers are coming soon here. I am pretty sure that me and Elder H. will be staying here but who knows. Time has been flying by here at a ridiculous pace and pretty soon I will have been out for 6 months which is crazy.

That’s all I got this week. Sorry it’s not much. Hopefully I’ll have a cooler week next week.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Answers to some questions we asked him:

Hey Mom! Let me start by answering some of your questions.

I do get to play the piano for meetings every now and then but nothing too big. I don’t have much time to practice or even a means.

Yea it definitely is getting hotter here. It gets pretty bad, especially after it rains because it is really humid.

Elder K. is on the farthest end of the mission so I have not been able to see him since we parted. I am hoping to see him sometime though. He was a great trainer and honestly I have realized that he was even more so since I have had different companions.



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