It is hot now

This week was good. I can’t respond to many emails today because we
are driving to Charleston for a doctors appointment and it is like a
2.5 hour drive. I am actually finishing this email in the car on the
road there.

This week was a lot better than last week. We had a lot more success
with our investigators and we finally got our investigator S. to
church! It took a ton of work to get him a ride because our church
building is 30 minutes away, but we did it. This is the first time in
many months that we have been able to get an investigator to church so
we finally broke the streak yesterday.

We also were able to get back in contact with our investigator C.!
The situation with the police wasn’t as bad as we thought it was and
he is doing fine. We have been able to teach him a bit, but we haven’t
been able to get him to come to church which really has been a
struggle for him specifically.

We were able to teach S. the Plan of Salvation this week and we
think it went really well. He liked what we talked about and it was
one of the better lessons we have had in the last few weeks.

On Tuesday we were driving down the road and then randomly there were
dead fish all over the road. At first I was confused but then I
remembered that this is South Carolina so I shouldn’t be.

We spent a lot of time this week dropping in on members we had never
seen before, and let me just say that members who are angry at the
church are way meaner than non-members who don’t like it. I had to get
more bold than I have ever been in my life with some of the people we
talked to. It’s hard to tell people who are yelling at you that you
just want to help them.

On Friday it dumped rain. I haven’t seen rain this heavy in probably
my entire life. There was so much rain that you couldn’t see 15 feet
in front of you at some points. The entire road was basically a river.
It isn’t too uncommon to see that here though. One moment it looks
sunny and nice and then suddenly you are swimming.

We saw two toilets on the side of the road the other day. And that’s
not the first time I’ve seen that. If you drive through southern roads
you can expect to see old tires, dead animals, and toilets. But that’s
ok because everything else is beautiful here.

That was my week basically. It was pretty good. I have been having a
ton of fun out here and I am looking forward to what I have in the


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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