Sunburns and bug bites

This week was a HUGE improvement from last week. We had a lot of
success with finding new investigators and just overall the morale was
higher this week.

We also had two member meals this week! That is a new record, and,
well, it is 2/3rds of the member meals we have had out here.

It was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy hot this week, although now it has cooled down
a lot. It’s sad that I am already getting sunburned and the summer
hasn’t really even started yet.

The other thing that happened this week was that the mosquitos came
alive. And we died.

So I am covered in sunburns and bug bites, but that’s ok because this
week was awesome and I am super happy.

We were able to teach a lot of lessons and for some reason people were
actually answering their doors.

We also did interviews with President Turner on Friday and that was
good because we had a great conversation about my area and our
companionship. He told me some really interesting things and gave me
some great suggestions.

Yesterday we had a member meal with the Bishop’s family which was
awesome! We had fajitas with a non-member family. They are Catholic
and we didn’t get to teach them much, but we made friends with them
and now they want to have us over for dinner at their house! It was a
great experience and reminded us of how fun having dinner appointments

Well, I gotta go. Sorry this email is really short and uninformative.
I will have to make my email more informative next week.


Elder Brown


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