Lots of water

This week was pretty good I guess. It was pretty unproductive the first few days because it rained a ton and we literally couldn’t do anything on bikes because it was super dangerous. It cooled down a bunch this week though, which was good.


Today we spent most of the day playing frisbee and basketball. After we had finished up eating and writing emails we did some service for a less active and then played some basketball with him. It was a pretty good day.


Today I honestly can’t remember what happened because I didn’t write it down, but it clearly wasn’t anything too important and it rained most of the day, so people weren’t as interested.


Today was ok. It rained off and on and we were on bikes so we had to be careful where we were going and at what times. We did a lot of calling and made a lot of future plans because we didn’t have much else to do. Days like today are the ones you forget about on your mission I think. Most people didn’t answer their doors because for some reason Southerners are scared of rain and water in general, which is funny because they live in water basically.


I really never knew what “pouring rain” looked like until I came to the south.Today it pretty much did not stop raining. There was about an hour at the end of the day where it sprinkled for a bit, and then it went back to pouring non stop. I am glad that days like today don’t happen too much because honestly I would go crazy. There is nothing worse than wanting to go out and work hard but not being able to because of the weather. If our car had miles it would be a different story because we would be able to at least travel to places safely, but that is not the case for us. The Sandhills elders used most of this month’s miles at the beginning of the month so we have to bring our bikes with us on car days and only use the car to get to the general area we need to be in. Luckily the hour that we had where it wasn’t raining as hard we got a lot of work done and got to talk to a lot of people, but it was still frustrating. We finished our day by treating ourselves to Taco Bell (Steak quesadillas are a good remedy for crummy days).


Today was a huge improvement from the rest of the week. It didn’t really rain today, however it did mist the entire day. We were able to talk to a lot of people and we even found new people that we could teach, which was super awesome for us. There wasn’t anything too cool or huge about today but just being able to do normal missionary work was awesome. We finished the night with Ward Coordination meeting and then we went home. That was our day.


Today we had a lot of success. We knocked on this one random house and a super nice guy came out who was house sitting and he was apparently from North Carolina but he was meeting with the missionaries and was super excited to see us. He wanted us to teach his friends (who lived at the house he was watching) and gave us super solid referrals for the people who lived there. Hopefully we will get in contact with them in the next couple of days. We also found a few other people to talk to and visited some potential investigators around our area.


After church today we went out with a member to make some visits. After that we had another appointment with a member but our investigator had to cancel so we didn’t get to have that. We finished our day by making some calls and then putting our call in report together. It was an alright day as missionary work goes, however church was awesome and we had a great ward council beforehand.

I guess you could say that this week got better as it progressed.

On Thursday something crazy happened. Elder H., my District Leader who I have become friends with got a call from the mission president and he was asked to be an Assistant to the President (AP) immediately. So he was emergency transferred out of our district into being AP, which never happens. We aren’t sure quite why that happened but Elder H. is a really good missionary so I’m also not too surprised.

Anyway, that is my week. Thank you for all the letters and emails you all send me! I really appreciate them!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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