Hurricanes and happiness

Week of 5/23/16


Today we went shopping early in the morning and one of the Sandhills
Elder’s bought Monopoly. You can imagine what we spent most of our
P-Day doing. Fists may have been thrown.

After P-Day hours we went to go visit several potential investigators
and got in contact with one of our long lost investigator’s sons (or
younger acquaintance, you can never tell out here) who said that his
dad would be home next weekend and he would love to hear what we have
to say then. Before that we went and got back in contact with our most
solid investigator who we haven’t been able to talk to lately, S.,
and he was super happy and excited to see us. He will be coming to
church again this Sunday. Double whammy. After that we went home and
planned for the next day.


Today was one of those days. We were on bikes and bike days tend to be
terrible because we can only go so far. Elder H. was still using his
broken bike too because his new one hasn’t gotten here yet and that
really slowed us down. We had DDM (District Development Meeting) in
the morning and got a ride from Brother F., an older member of
the ward. After that we ended up having to drive Sandhill’s car down
to them up from their DDM because their ride ditched them. After that
Elder H. had to get payment problems sorted out with the place he
bought his bike from and then we had dinner. We ended up spending most
of our day working out that issue and then setting up appointments for
the next few days. We also got a super solid appointment set up with a
referral who is very interested in the church. That was pretty much
our entire day. Not the most productive but it could have been worse.


Today we went around and visited a bunch of people. It was actually a
really solid day considering we had very little miles on our car. I
forgot to write a log of what happened today but I just remember it
being a really good day!


Today we got a member to come out with us for the first time in weeks!
It was a super solid lesson with S. and we got him familiar with
another one of our members. Today was a pretty successful day and we
got a lot of work done. The member that came out with us has a
convertible sport BMW and he took us for a ride in it afterward. Let’s
just say that I have decided to be rich one day because those things
are freaking incredible. We had a blast.


As you can probably tell, I forgot to write down what happened the
last couple of days. I honestly don’t remember what happened today but
I do know that we had some success looking back at our area book. This
week has been really solid.


Today was meh. It rained a lot and there were hurricane warnings here
so we didn’t get to bike very much. We had Ward coordination tonight
which went pretty well. Our Ward mission leader is very different, but
then again I am just glad he does his calling.


Today was good. The last few sacrament meetings have been super good
and man I just have to hand it to the speakers, they have been killer.
We were a little bummed because we weren’t able to get our
investigator S. to church this week. We got to go out with a member
today as well. It would have been awesome if people had actually kept
their appointments, but that was not the case today. We visited five
different homes and nobody was there. It was kinda a let down. After
that we went home and did call ins. That was our day.

This week was super good! We had a ton of success talking to people
and we just got a ton of work done. I was really surprised that we
were able to do so much considering our car situation right now and
the weather lately. It was a miracle I guess.

I guess the most exciting part of this week would definitely be the
hurricane warnings we had. There has been a ton of wind and rain
lately, and I have never experienced a hurricane before so it was all
new for me. Luckily no hurricane actually hit here, but there was
definitely some bad weather.

Spiritual thought for the week:

I was reading in 2 Nephi and I came across a verse that talked about
how in the last days there will be many that say “all is well in
Zion.” That could not be more true. There are so many of us today that
look at our lives and our callings in the church, and we think “we are
doing really good” or think “there isn’t too much room for
improvement, we have the atonement for a reason,” and then we slack
off in our duties.

Let me just say that all is absolutely not well in Zion. It differs
from stake to stake, but out here more than 2/3rds of our Ward is less
active. We cannot stand and say that all is well when most of the fold
has left. We must never catch ourselves thinking that only putting in
the bare minimum is ok.

Anyhow, just a thought.

I gotta go, so until next week,

Stay classy,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


A cool moth I found.


A goose family outside of our apartment.


Bunny rabbit I keep trying to catch.  I will get it one day.  Believe me.


Little Texas.  Yeah, those are Texas bird baths.






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