Fruit flies and other fun

Hello world. Hope you all are doing good. This week has been pretty good.

Nothing too cool or inspirational happened this week, and as usual I did a terrible job of writing in my electronic journal thingy that turns into the weekly email.

As far as missionary work went this week, it was pretty slow. People here just love to blame not wanting to talk to us on the weather. Either it’s raining and people don’t want to talk, or it’s 900 degrees outside and nobody wants to talk then. Unfortunately there isn’t an in between here. It’s either rainy, hot, or both.

We didn’t have a lot of success with our current investigators who are “progressing.” However, we did have an awesome experience yesterday. We were going around visiting random less active’s that we hadn’t met before and we decided to go by one house that we were a little skeptical about. It just so happens that the LA members don’t live there anymore. Another family, who is part-member, who we have been trying to get ahold of for a long time now, moved in instead. They had literally gotten home from vacation 20 minutes before and we just happened to get there at the right time! It was awesome because it was totally on accident and I have really been feeling like we should visit them lately. The husband has not been baptized however he comes to church every week and he even has a scout assignment. We aren’t really sure why he hasn’t been baptized yet but we are trying to figure it out.

So I guess there were some cool things that happened this week. Other than yesterday though, it was pretty slow.

We played whiffle ball last p-day. It has been several years since I have played anything baseball related and I realized that I am actually not terrible at it, which is shocking because I am as coordinated as a sloth and athletic as a rock. I’m just so used to being schooled at basketball (that is literally all missionaries want to play, it gets old) that I forgot what it was like to not be the worst person on the team.

Today we will be playing softball. Wish me luck.

A couple days ago we bought some bananas and left them on the counter. We kinda forgot about them and well they got gnarly. We decided to throw them away and apparently fruit flies decided to make it their home.

Needless to say, we have fruit flies EVERYWHERE. IT’S FLIPPING OBNOXIOUS.

Like literally why do those things reproduce!!?!? They do nothing. NOTHING. I don’t care what modern day science says, those things are worthless.

I wrote a poem to express my feelings:

Bananas are good
Bananas are great
But when they go bad
Bananas I hate

They house the spawn
Of Satan’s slaves
The nasty home
Of Fruit-Fly babes

If only we
Could have world peace
But not with all
These flying fleas

I want to rip
Out all my hair
All of these Fruit-
Flies everywhere

So I will burn
These demon pests
And until I do
I will not rest


That is my week! Hope you all have a good one!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


Hello from South Cackilacky

This week was awesome, and I honestly don’t have very much to say about it. In terms of how successful we were this week, well, we weren’t.

We probably had the second worst numbers of my entire mission this week, but it really doesn’t bug me because I had a blast and I worked SOOOO hard.

I came home every night this week feeling like I had been hit by a bus, and ironically that almost happened a couple of times. Nonetheless, Elder H. and I went the extra mile on everything this week (sometimes literally) and I have no regrets.

We have always worked hard together, but we really went out of our way this week to put every last bit of effort into the work here. It was awesome because when I first got Elder H. he really struggled with working hard. He had come from a really bad companionship and he really wasn’t used to normal missionary things. Now he is on fire and I am really excited for the work here.

Anyhow, I don’t have much time to email today, I have a lot of individual emails I need to respond to so this one will be quick.

On Friday night after working a street Elder H. and I were exhausted and were ready to go home. I felt like we needed to stop by a less active member that we had never met before and had tried countless times before with no success. Part of me felt like it would be a waste of time and energy, but I went for it anyway. I am super glad that we decided to go by because we finally got in contact with this member and it was AWESOME.

The member (Brother H.) was super cool and the first thing he said to us was “Shoot, how did you find me.” He was hilarious and we had a really good talk with him about his life and how he came to be less active. We invited him to church this weekend, and though he didn’t make it I think he has the potential to be a super solid member one day.

We were not able to get any of our investigators to church this weekend. It was really unfortunate because we even had members who stopped by to pick them up and they still didn’t come.

M. was not able to make it to church because of last minute work this weekend, but we have an appointment with her on Thursday evening with a member and it should be awesome!

We have been by S.’s house like 5 times now with no answer. It is a bummer but we may have to drop her next time she doesn’t answer.

Happy Father’s day (yesterday) to all the dads out there and and more specifically my dad!

I am starting to like Blythewood a lot more than I used to. Maybe it is because I have been here so long it has started to grow on me, but I definitely like it a lot better than when I first got here. Knowing my luck I will probably end up loving this area by the end of the transfer and then get transferred because that’s how things work.

On Wednesday evening Elder H. and I were walking to an appointment and we found an awesome trail in the backwoods of Blythewood.

Needless to say, modeling pics happened and lessons were learned.

I should never model.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Talk to you all next week.

Until then,

Don’t do drugs,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Yea that’s the temperature, not the odometer.


I realized I should never be a model.


Staying in Blythewood

So this morning we got transfer calls and I will be staying here with Elder H. for one more transfer. I am kinda glad because there is a lot to be done here and I am not sure how other missionaries who don’t know the area would fare here.

I am a little annoyed though because we will probably be moved in by August 1st and the next transfer is like 4 days before. Chances are I will be leaving then which means I get to do all of the moving and then leave. Who knows though, maybe I will stay next transfer too.

As usual, it was very hot this week. According to locals, this is apparently abnormally hot weather for this time of the year. Yesterday it was 103 with the humidity. Yum.

I did not write in my electronic journal this week so I apologize for this week’s email in advance.

It was a pretty good week. The beginning was a little slow but we ended on a really good note.

The appointment we had with S. this weekend fell through which was a bummer, but we are going to try to stop by another day.

We had an interesting experience with an old investigator this week. A few months ago when I was with Elder S., we received a referral from missionaries in Arizona for a lady who seemed really solid. We had an appointment with her and she was really nice and was friends with members but said that she was overcoming an alcohol addiction and needed time to get over that first.

“Well she finally came to church today and it was AWESOME! She loved it, and wants to change her work schedule around so she can come every week. She also wants to go to relief society gatherings during the week and the people here loved her.

We may have a baptism on our hands soon.

That was probably one of the biggest highlights of my week.

On Wednesday we went to check out the apartment complex we will be moving into (most likely). It is SUPER nice. It will be a huge step up from where we are living, along with the fact that we will probably become a full time car area when we move. I probably won’t be here for that though. Whoop whoop.
I found a really awesome scripture that I never noticed before the other day. It was Jacob 1:19

19 And we did magnify our office unto the Lord, taking upon us the responsibility, answering the sins of the people upon our own heads if we did not teach them the word of God with all diligence; wherefore, by laboring with our might their blood might not come upon our garments; otherwise their blood would come upon our garments, and we would not be found spotless at the last day.

I really like this one because often times we think that magnifying our callings is something that is “above and beyond.” However, we are literally sinning when we are not magnifying our callings and the sins of those we do not help will become ours, in essence. This goes for missionary work, parenting, home teaching, and simply being a part of this gospel.

Anyhow, that was my week. Thanks for all that you guys do. I will talk to you next week!


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Elders H. and Brown



Older photos from Conway.  Celebrating Elder N. (2 elders away from Jeremiah) mission half way mark.





I am hot

I am hot, and not in the good way. Like literally I have never experienced heat like this before. I thought Sacramento heat was scorching, but I had no idea.

This week was pretty good. It wasn’t as good as last week but it was still pretty good. We got to talk to a lot of people and we even got fed!

We knocked into a really cool lady the other day named S. who we are hoping ends up being really solid. We don’t normally get solid return appointments and we did from her, so hopefully things work out well.

Not much was out of the ordinary this week, I gave a training on faith this week for our District Meeting and I think it turned out pretty good.

We also had a baptism here in Blythewood! The sister missionaries were able to get their investigator E. baptized and it was really awesome. A lot of convert baptisms here often times feel rushed and you can kind of tell that they probably won’t be active very long, but that is not the case with E. It is truly a miracle that he was found by the sisters because they almost decided not to knock his house. He really, really wanted to be baptized because he overcame a smoking addiction and a lot of persecution from friends in order to be baptized. When he was finally baptized on Saturday you could really see how much it meant to him. He is a larger man and he was bouncing around as light as a cloud afterward, which was hilarious.

Although it wasn’t us that found or taught E., it was still really cool to see these events play out and it was a really great reminder as to why we do what we do.

Missionary work this week was pretty good, but the best parts of this week were definitely this weekend. We were able to have a member meal Sunday night with the R. family who is part member. It was a lot of fun and we were able to share a short message with them. Sister Ro. (Brother R.’s mom) was taking a ton of pictures of us and sending them to my parents and I am pretty sure it made my Mom’s day.

Sacrament meeting was fabulous, probably one of the highlights of this month. It was probably a mix of E. being confirmed and also that the Bishop made some changes here that caused it to be so awesome. Blythewood ward is very clique prone and it has really been a problem for reactivation of less actives and also making new members feel welcome. Bishop decided that this week we would close the overflow and make everybody cram into the main pews, because in all honesty we don’t have enough people to actually need an overflow but certain “cliques” always sit in the back, and then others sit up in the front. By doing this the ward felt very united and it really made Sacrament/Fast and Testimony meeting a lot more meaningful. It was probably one of the best ones I have been to out here.

Anyhow, those are the highlights of my week. It was a little slow in terms of missionary work but honestly this weekend made up for it.

Next week is transfer week, and I honestly don’t know what is going to happen to me. I have been here for 3 transfers now so there is a good chance that I could be leaving because it seems like President Turner moves people pretty frequently, but there is also a really good chance that I could be staying because 3 transfers isn’t too long either. My guess is that I will be here for one more transfer before I leave, but that honestly means nothing.

Oh yea! As of last Thursday, I have been out for 6 months. It is crazy how fast it has gone by. It’s actually kinda scary cause I don’t want it to go by fast. I am having a blast and I really don’t want to acknowledge that I am 1/4th of the way done.

We will be moving in the next month or so. We will hopefully be moving to an apartment complex that is actually in our area, because right now we live in the Sandhill’s area and we have to bike into our area every day on really dangerous roads. There is a chance that if we move we will get our own car, which would be flipping awesome because then I wouldn’t have to fear for my life every other day. Our apartment is trashed nonetheless. There is literally a hole the size of a watermelon where some numbskull smashed their head in our wall. Apparently it’s been this way for several years though.

Anyhow, I gotta go. Thank’s for all of your email’s! I read them, even if I don’t respond very often or at all. I got very little time and lots to send.

Until next week,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


These pictures were texted to me (Jeremiah’s Mom) today.  It was a tender mercy—I had just requested pictures like these in my last email!  The member who sent them had a grandson just return from his mission in March and another who is returning from serving in Africa in July, so they know what it is to get to see pictures of your loved ones!IMG_38161-2