Hello from South Cackilacky

This week was awesome, and I honestly don’t have very much to say about it. In terms of how successful we were this week, well, we weren’t.

We probably had the second worst numbers of my entire mission this week, but it really doesn’t bug me because I had a blast and I worked SOOOO hard.

I came home every night this week feeling like I had been hit by a bus, and ironically that almost happened a couple of times. Nonetheless, Elder H. and I went the extra mile on everything this week (sometimes literally) and I have no regrets.

We have always worked hard together, but we really went out of our way this week to put every last bit of effort into the work here. It was awesome because when I first got Elder H. he really struggled with working hard. He had come from a really bad companionship and he really wasn’t used to normal missionary things. Now he is on fire and I am really excited for the work here.

Anyhow, I don’t have much time to email today, I have a lot of individual emails I need to respond to so this one will be quick.

On Friday night after working a street Elder H. and I were exhausted and were ready to go home. I felt like we needed to stop by a less active member that we had never met before and had tried countless times before with no success. Part of me felt like it would be a waste of time and energy, but I went for it anyway. I am super glad that we decided to go by because we finally got in contact with this member and it was AWESOME.

The member (Brother H.) was super cool and the first thing he said to us was “Shoot, how did you find me.” He was hilarious and we had a really good talk with him about his life and how he came to be less active. We invited him to church this weekend, and though he didn’t make it I think he has the potential to be a super solid member one day.

We were not able to get any of our investigators to church this weekend. It was really unfortunate because we even had members who stopped by to pick them up and they still didn’t come.

M. was not able to make it to church because of last minute work this weekend, but we have an appointment with her on Thursday evening with a member and it should be awesome!

We have been by S.’s house like 5 times now with no answer. It is a bummer but we may have to drop her next time she doesn’t answer.

Happy Father’s day (yesterday) to all the dads out there and and more specifically my dad!

I am starting to like Blythewood a lot more than I used to. Maybe it is because I have been here so long it has started to grow on me, but I definitely like it a lot better than when I first got here. Knowing my luck I will probably end up loving this area by the end of the transfer and then get transferred because that’s how things work.

On Wednesday evening Elder H. and I were walking to an appointment and we found an awesome trail in the backwoods of Blythewood.

Needless to say, modeling pics happened and lessons were learned.

I should never model.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Talk to you all next week.

Until then,

Don’t do drugs,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Yea that’s the temperature, not the odometer.


I realized I should never be a model.



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