Fruit flies and other fun

Hello world. Hope you all are doing good. This week has been pretty good.

Nothing too cool or inspirational happened this week, and as usual I did a terrible job of writing in my electronic journal thingy that turns into the weekly email.

As far as missionary work went this week, it was pretty slow. People here just love to blame not wanting to talk to us on the weather. Either it’s raining and people don’t want to talk, or it’s 900 degrees outside and nobody wants to talk then. Unfortunately there isn’t an in between here. It’s either rainy, hot, or both.

We didn’t have a lot of success with our current investigators who are “progressing.” However, we did have an awesome experience yesterday. We were going around visiting random less active’s that we hadn’t met before and we decided to go by one house that we were a little skeptical about. It just so happens that the LA members don’t live there anymore. Another family, who is part-member, who we have been trying to get ahold of for a long time now, moved in instead. They had literally gotten home from vacation 20 minutes before and we just happened to get there at the right time! It was awesome because it was totally on accident and I have really been feeling like we should visit them lately. The husband has not been baptized however he comes to church every week and he even has a scout assignment. We aren’t really sure why he hasn’t been baptized yet but we are trying to figure it out.

So I guess there were some cool things that happened this week. Other than yesterday though, it was pretty slow.

We played whiffle ball last p-day. It has been several years since I have played anything baseball related and I realized that I am actually not terrible at it, which is shocking because I am as coordinated as a sloth and athletic as a rock. I’m just so used to being schooled at basketball (that is literally all missionaries want to play, it gets old) that I forgot what it was like to not be the worst person on the team.

Today we will be playing softball. Wish me luck.

A couple days ago we bought some bananas and left them on the counter. We kinda forgot about them and well they got gnarly. We decided to throw them away and apparently fruit flies decided to make it their home.

Needless to say, we have fruit flies EVERYWHERE. IT’S FLIPPING OBNOXIOUS.

Like literally why do those things reproduce!!?!? They do nothing. NOTHING. I don’t care what modern day science says, those things are worthless.

I wrote a poem to express my feelings:

Bananas are good
Bananas are great
But when they go bad
Bananas I hate

They house the spawn
Of Satan’s slaves
The nasty home
Of Fruit-Fly babes

If only we
Could have world peace
But not with all
These flying fleas

I want to rip
Out all my hair
All of these Fruit-
Flies everywhere

So I will burn
These demon pests
And until I do
I will not rest


That is my week! Hope you all have a good one!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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