Hello people. This week has been utter madness.

Like I am pretty sure if you look in Webster’s Dictionary the actual
definition of madness is Elder Brown whitewashing Greenville 3rd ward.

Anyway, so I am in Greenville 3rd ward with Elder Mitchell right now,
currently writing this in Walmart on one of those benches that the
people without cars sit on while they wait for the bus.

I am going to have to make this one short because I don’t have too
much time and we have a TON to do today.

Greenville 3rd is AWESOME!!! It is a huge change from Blythewood.

Greenville is in the upstate of South Carolina. It is mountainous and
very very green. The beautiful part about Greenville is that there are
sidewalks almost everywhere! It almost brings tears to my eyes how
amazing it is to have sidewalks everywhere. Blythewood really only had
one street with sidewalks and biking was terrible.

The unfortunate part about this is that Blythewood just became a full
time car area. I worked SOOO hard to convince the AP’s that Blythewood
needed a car and was unsafe and finally did, only to move to a full
time bike area…

The other unfortunate thing is that I just literally finished moving
my last apartment, and now we have to move apartments here.

I am having a blast nonetheless. Elder Mitchell is really awesome and
he is a huge help in keeping me sane.

We have an awesome Ward Mission Leader, Brother Danny Mortimer, who
actually served his mission in what is now the Roseville California
Mission and lived in Roseville for over 25 years!! We have a lot of
similar acquaintances and it is really awesome meeting someone who
knows all about Roseville!

Brother Mortimer is also easily the most solid Ward Mission Leader I
have met. He is just so on top of things and willing to help us out!

Funny story, Sister Suggs (whose parents are friends with mine and is
from the same area) is in my Ward and District! It’s kinda weird how
many missionaries from Sacramento area are out here…

Our District is pretty cool. It comprises the GV3 Sisters, the GV1
Sisters, us, and the GV1 Elders/Zone leaders.

Things are crazy here though and I feel like I have been thrown into a
hurricane. The missionaries here before us were really good guys but
their electronic area book was faulty and none of the last 6 weeks has
been recorded at all. So basically we are on a scavenger hunt with
blindfolds on wearing roller blades in a tropical storm. Chaos.

I will most likely be Elder Mitchell’s last companion as he is going
home in 4 months. I will probably be here for a while. Elder Mitchell
is from somewhere in Washington.

I gotta finish up here, but here are a few things that happened in the
last couple days:

We visited an investigator and he lectured us for 30 minutes on how
George Bush Jr. and Sr. are humanoid aliens, as well as Rockefeller,
the Egyptian Pharo’s and many more hilariously weird things.

We also tried contacting a less active but found out that the guy we
were looking for was somewhere in Las Vegas after trying to kill the
person who lived here in SC. He wasn’t too happy to hear from us.

I gotta go. I will hopefully be able to talk more next week once
things settle down.

Until then,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


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