Crazy week

This week was crazy awesome! In terms of numbers and quality, it has
been the most successful week of my entire mission!

We were honestly so busy this week that I had no time to keep a weekly
log every night, so this email may be a bit short as a result.

So B., the guy we started teaching last week, is crazy awesome and
elect! We have taught him all of the lessons and he is on date for
baptism on September 10th! In my entire mission I have never met
someone so eager to be baptized and become a part of this church.
Normally it takes at least several weeks to get through all of the
lessons with an investigator but we literally have finished them in
about a week and a half.

B. is truly an example of what happens when members do missionary
work. We can knock doors all our missions and not run into one person
like B., but when members make just a small effort to share the
gospel with their friends, they bring future leaders, families, and
strong members into the gospel.

Literally, we have had to tell B. to slow down. That is how excited
he is about this. Our only worry for him is the time between now and
his baptismal date. We know that with someone as awesome as him, the
devil is going to work hard to keep him from joining the church. So
far, however, B. has overcome all of the trials thrown at him, like
his family ignoring him and giving him lot’s of garbage.

Anyway, we spent several evenings at B.’s house having dinner and
teaching him the lessons. When we got to the commandments, Elder
Mitchell and I were really worried there was going to be a problem
because so far teaching B. was easier than in the MTC! It was
literally like he was straight off of the missionary training videos!
The commandments ended up being really easy! The hardest thing that
B. had to give up was his sweet tea. It seems like in most places,
smoking or drinking would be the hardest thing to give up, but here in
the south, EVERYBODY drinks tea. People offer us tea all the time, and
sometimes get offended with us not drinking something as seemingly
innocent as tea.

Anyhow, by the next lesson, B. had gotten rid of his tea, coffee,
and cigarettes! Talk about a true desire! He is so much happier now
that he has started living the Gospel! It is crazy how it can change
people’s lives for the better if they just open their hearts and minds
and grab onto it.

We spent a good amount of time this week looking for new apartments to
move into, as well as re arranging our area boundaries with the Sister
Missionaries. We finally found a place that we think might work. It is
pretty nice and hopefully it will put us pretty close to where we need
to be.

Yesterday, I was talking to Brother M. (my Ward Mission Leader
who lived in Sacramento) and we figured out that Tim Gibson, who used
to live in 5th Ward, is a common acquaintance! He is really good
friends with him and I thought it was so cool meeting someone who
knows so many people. Brother Mortimer also told me that he taught
Brother Pinney’s father when he was on a mission there! Crazy!

It is so cool that so many people from Sacramento are here. I think
President Turner is messing with me.

We visited a lot of potential investigators this week and found a few
new people who might be interested. The people of the upstate are way
different than down in Columbia. Almost everybody in Columbia is
generally pretty nice, however, there were very few people we met who
were genuinely interested in what we had to say. Here in the upstate
(as southerners call it), there isn’t as much in between. We have a
lot of people who really don’t like us, and then a lot of people who
are genuinely interested. I prefer the latter cause I can deal with
angry people, but uncommitted people make me angry.

E., a recent convert of the previous missionaries, came to church
yesterday after about a month of not coming. He told us that he was
really nervous about just walking into church as a young adult and so
he would often times show up, only to not come in. It was just a good
reminder of how important member fellowship is with new converts and
less actives, and even active members. It is my personal opinion that
every active member should make it an effort to have some less active,
recent convert, or even lonely or struggling member as a friend. If we
all did this, less activity would decrease and the Church would grow
in unity.

Anyway, because so much happened this week and I have so little time,
here are the highlights of my week:

-Teaching an illiterate man. There are so flipping many of these in the south.

-Teaching B. and putting him on date, or rather, him putting
himself on date basically.

-Giving a talk this Sunday after finding out the day before. Yeah.

-Biking less than usual because members were clutch this week.

-Seeing my trainer Elder Kuamo’o at sports day on Monday!! Coolest
thing ever and man I miss that guy.

-Finding out about an old investigator in Blythewood who is now
solidly progressing towards baptism!


This week was so flipping awesome! I love this area and the people
here! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and I have
learned so much in the last 2 weeks!

Spiritual thought for the week:

Jacob 6:12

12 O be wise; what can I say more?

Pretty good advice. Don’t do dumb things. Remember that even if there
is no explicit commandment telling us to not do something, it doesn’t
mean that it is ok to do. Be wise.

Have a great week you beautiful people!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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