No hablo español

Well. This week was amazing! I don’t even know where to begin but here goes.

On Monday we went to downtown Greenville for P-Day, and let me just tell you, Greenville has one of the coolest down towns I have ever seen! I wasn’t able to get too many pictures because we were only there for a little bit, but next time I go I will get some better pictures because it was awesome.

We had an odd experience Tuesday evening. We went out with A. H., a recent convert who always is wanting to come out with us (he is awesome) and visited a few potential investigators. We stopped by someone who was listed as pretty interested in the Area book, so we had high hopes. Lets just say that the guy was probably on some sort of hardcore drug because man, he was crazy. At one point I thought he was going to attack me, so we left.

On Wednesday we had some good lessons. We also had ward coordination and Book of Mormon class (that we teach) that night which was good as usual. B. came to the Book of Mormon class and you would think that he was a member! Because Brother M.(our ward mission leader) was B.’s ride home, he stayed and actually sat in for ward coordination. I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure what he would think about our meeting, he being new to the church, but he actually added more to the meeting than most of the ward missionaries. He will be a really good member missionary once he is baptized.

Oh, speaking of that, B. is on date to be baptized on the 10th of September. I can’t remember if I said that last week or not.

Thursday we had something really awesome happen! We got a call from the Mission Vehicles Coordinator asking which one of us wanted to be the designated driver. Obviously we were a bit confused. He explained that we were going to be getting a car for the next few weeks, and he thought that we had been told that. You can imagine tears of joy were pretty much shed. Our area is the largest bike area in the mission, and not by a small amount. You can fit the next largest bike area in our area at least 7 times, if that puts anything into perspective. It is, however, a lot safer to bike in than Blythewood was, so I can’t complain.

We ended the night with a lesson with B., which was good as always. He is staying strong and is super excited for his baptism in a couple weeks.

Friday we spent a lot of the day working on merging the old paper Area Book with the new electronic one (which was supposed to be done almost a year ago :/) and waiting for our car to arrive. We were a bit disappointed to find out that we would not be getting the car until Saturday, but we had no room to complain. We randomly got a call from a less active here who speaks no English. It was kinda hard talking to him but I was able to communicate a little. He wanted us to come and visit him. I need to brush up on my Spanish because I am constantly meeting people here who don’t speak English. Ever since the Spanish Elders left, our district has been working with a ton of Hispanics and it is kinda overwhelming. Anyway, I want a Spanish name tag.

The night before we got a call from Bishop, asking for us to give a blessing on Friday to a lady who was visiting from another ward in Florida. She was taking care of her non-member sister, who is a paraplegic, and asked for us to give them both blessings. She lived WAYYY up in the top of our area, so we got a ride from Brother S., one of our ward missionaries. Let me just tell you, Greenville is GORGEOUS! Seriously, the upper part of our area (near Table Rock State Park for those of you who know the area) is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. It’s a strange mixture of green subtropical forest and farmland. Next time we go up I will take some pictures. Maybe we will hike Table Rock one of the PDays too.

On Saturday, WE GOT THE CAR!!! It was beautiful. She’s a beautiful, old, heavily used, 2013 Corolla and we are still trying to decide what to name her. We celebrated that night by eating dinner at CookOut (Basically the equivalent of southern In-n-Out), and then visiting less actives in the part of our area that has been previously not been accessible via bike. We didn’t get to talk to too many people, but it was really nice having 4 wheels instead of 2. It had been almost 9 months since I actually drove a car for an extended period of time. I was a little shaky at first but my driving skills have come back (what little I had at least).

On Sunday we had an awesome sacrament meeting. We had 6 different investigators show up, which is a record for me, and honestly I was overwhelmed with how many people I had to herd around. We had a random Hispanic couple show up to church who were new to the area and came here because it was the closest church to them. Well, they chose the right one! We are going to be having dinner with them tomorrow and hopefully them, and their family, will join the church!

After church, we visited a less active member that nobody knew anything about with Brother M. We weren’t sure what to expect but he ended up being a really cool guy! He had gone a little less active over the last couple years but wanted to get himself and his non-member wife back into church! He is a stellar guy, the kind that you could see being an Elders Quorum President or something like that. It was a really awesome experience!

We ended the evening at the Stakes semi-annual priesthood meeting, which was awesome. We also got to see all of the missionaries in our Zone, which doesn’t happen too often so that was a lot of fun.

B. came to the Priesthood meeting, but he did not make it to church today because of some family troubles. He is going through a lot of struggles right now and everything that could go wrong for him has pretty much gone wrong. We are used to seeing this in our investigators because there is always a time like this before baptism, but he definitely is having some of the worst struggles I have seen. Luckily, he is not struggling spiritually, and we are still really hopeful that he can be baptized in a few weeks!

Anyway, that is my week. Hope you all had a great one as well!


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Downtown Greenville.




The Hunter Family. Brother Hunter was my WML in Blythewood.DSC00282



Me pointing at my hand-print on the Hunters wall.DSC00271



Da Promised LandDSC00267


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