Another week in the magical land of Greenville

Well this week was crazy. A little but of a bummer, but still good nonetheless.

So let’s get to the thick of what happened this week.

On Tuesday we visited B., and boy he has been going through a lot. Because of the excessive humidity here in the South, mold is a continuous problem. B.’s son C. has been having breathing issues in their house for the last few weeks, so B. decided to look in the air ducts to find the problem. He found black mold, which is really nasty stuff and can cause major problems. He thought he was cleaning it up but instead he stirred it all up and it spread EVERYWHERE in his house. His son ended up not being able to breathe and was sent to the ER in an ambulance. Brother M. offered to put B. and his son in a motel after they got out of the hospital, and they were frantically searching for a place to live. We visited him there. We gave both of them blessings of health from mold exposure and then had a brief lesson with them.

I personally didn’t think that things could get much worse for them, but it did. Kind of.

The next day we were trying to get in contact with B. and found out some unfortunate news from Brother M. B. had been asked to come to court for a consultation on child care payment, which ended up being a ruse to get him in from of a judge. Apparently B. had been refusing to pay child support to his ex-wife for one of his sons who doesn’t live with him or her, and is an adult. His son hadn’t been living with her in years but she was still taking child support regardless, which is really crooked. Nonetheless, B. was not paying it, and rather naively, thought he could just explain the situation to the judge.

As you can imagine, he got thrown in jail.

At first, this seemed like a pretty big roadblock for B.’s progression, however, I think this is for the better.

We had been told that he would be in jail for about 6 months, but a few of our members were able to work something out and he won’t be there for longer than 50 days!

B. may not realize this, but I think this is an answer to his prayers. He had been praying to find a new place to live, but the only places he could find wouldn’t be available for a month or so, which wouldn’t work considering the state of his current home. Now B. has a solid month where he has a place to live, and also lot’s of time to do nothing but read the Book of Mormon! Something he struggled with was staying focused on studying the scriptures and getting distracted by social media and such, but now he will be free of that! The apartment he wants to move into will also be available right when he gets out of jail!

As for his son, C. is staying with his Grandparents, who were previously opposed to the church. That changed on Saturday, when we helped them move B.’s stuff out of his moldy apartment into storage. They were really impressed with us and thanked us for bringing religion into his life. They had previously been giving B. a lot of grief for wanting to join the church, but now they are supportive of him!

I personally think that this is all was God’s way of turning Satan’s victory into a better outcome on our part. It just goes to show that our trials are for our good. And while B. may not look at it that way right now, I think he will in the future.

We will still hopefully have several baptisms this upcoming month. Bo., a non-member who missionaries have been working with for years now, will hopefully be baptized on the 20th of September. Although the missionaries previously in our area have been the ones facilitating her progression, we decided to give her to the Sister Missionaries because they were better friends with her and we didn’t feel right being the ones in charge of everything with her because we hardly knew her (because we whitewashed in).

The Elders (us), will be having a baptism this month soon. D. T., who I have not talked about much, should be baptized on the 27th of September, and his son should be baptized shortly after. He is one of those “miracle investigators” that pretty much does everything himself. We have hardly even met with him because we didn’t even realize he wasn’t a member. We thought he was a high priest, and he knows about as much as one.

We will be meeting with him soon, so hopefully things will go well there.

On Saturday, we had a free car wash at the church that the ward puts on every year to bring in new members. It was awesome! We had a decent amount of people show up and even had a few people come to church as a result. One guy named J. showed up to church who was an all around cool guy. We haven’t met him yet but he is a guitar player and at the car wash he played one of the youth happy birthday.

We had 6 people show up to church this week, which was crazy awesome. I am not used to having this many people show up to church so I get a little stressed out on Sundays. Honestly though, if I am stressed out every week because of so many people coming to church, so be it! It’s great!

The Hispanic couple showed up for church again, which was good. We will be having dinner with them sometime this week hopefully. I am excited to see what comes of that.

Other than that, the rest of the week was pretty slow. I went on exchanges with Elder R. (one of our Zone Leaders) who was companions with Elder S. in Blythewood for 6 months or so. We always have a lot to talk about, so that was fun.

This District is so awesome! Honestly I am really blessed to be in this District. The missionaries here are really good, hard workers and I don’t have to deal with any disobedience or drama. They are all on fire with the work here!

Transfers are coming up next week. I don’t think anything is going to change here, but Elder M. seems to think he is leaving. I think the Zone Leaders must have told him something on exchanges that I don’t know, cause he seems sure of it. The only change that I could see happening here is us getting a third missionary in our companionship, which has been happening a lot more lately. We will see though.

Anyway, that is my week. I have a feeling that I will have a lot more to talk about this upcoming week, but we will see.

Until next week,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Here’s a picture shared by one of the sisters in his district from a service opportunity they had this week at a food bank called Harvest of Hope.  In her words,”Also this week we had a fun district service project…We got to put together boxes, pack boxes with food
for people, sort through cans of soda, and sweep and mop.” So fun to hear and see more about what his week was like!



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