Getting a baby

Well today I have less than 20 minutes to write this, so sorry if it
is short. We are going to hike Table Rock for P Day and we have to get
an early start so we can be back on time.

Table rock is a really high look out point in the Blue Ridge Mountains
of SC, right on the border of North Carolina. It should be really

Not much happened this week. It was probably the slowest week of my
time here in Greenville, however, it was still good!

We spent a lot of time cleaning up the ward directory and visiting
people to see if they still live there. It’s not the most exciting
thing but it helps missionary work a lot and we get to use it as a
door approach for people who we know don’t live there anymore.

So I’m about out of time, but let me get down to the cool stuff that
happened this week.

On Thursday we got a call from a less active named M. He wanted us
to come over. He doesn’t speak much English so I had to butcher the
Spanish language really badly with him. He is paralyzed pretty much
completely aside from being able to move his arms and head. He can’t
even move his fingers. We read the Book of Mormon to him in Spanish
and then talked for a little bit. I also had to hand feed him oranges,
which was kinda weird. Anyway, it was a really cool experience

On Friday we had ZTM and President Turner came. It was a really good
ZTM and afterward President asked Elder M. and I to come talk to
him in private. Uh oh sirens went off. It was a good thing though.

He asked us to train a new missionary coming in, so we will be getting
a 3rd companion fresh out of the MTC! This doesn’t normally happen,
especially with a brand new missionary, but there are a ton of new
missionaries coming in so some of us will be in 3 packs.

Anyway, next week you will be hearing all about a new missionary we
are getting.

I gotta go now, but I will talk more next week!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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