Almost Homeless

This week was pretty tough. We spent most of our time trying to figure out our housing situation and de-cluttering our apartment in preparation for moving.

On Wednesday we found out that our lease doesn’t actually expire in November… It expires on Friday. Hopefully the mission office will figure something out but if not we may be homeless. Ok… probably not because the mission won’t let that happen but who knows where we will be living in a few days. It definitely won’t be where we are right now.

So besides the crazy housing stuff, some good stuff happened this week. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder D., our new zone leader and that was really good. Elder D. is a Spanish elder so we were able to visit a bunch of Hispanic investigators and less active members. I was actually able to understand most of what was going on, but the struggle was being able to speak. I am half way decent at understanding the Spanish language, but speaking is another story. I have been studying Spanish lately so maybe there is hope for me.

Probably the most exciting moment on our exchange was when we got chased off of somebody’s property by like 7 bloodthirsty canines. I have no problem with dogs, but as a missionary there are few things more annoying. I don’t think I have run so fast in my life.

We also met a less active named C. who is looking to become active again. He is a super awesome guy who has been a member since he was 19, but fell away because of some drug addictions. He is now in rehab and really wants to come to church again. It is so refreshing to see someone start their life over! He was super excited to get back on Sunday and he is going to be bringing all of his friends from rehab to church!

On Friday we had Zone Conference, which is always awesome. President Turner spoke several times and had some great things to say. We also had lunch provided, which food has been rare lately, so it was fabulous.

A few weeks ago at night we got a prank call, which isn’t too concerning except that it came from the mission office. We were almost positive it was the AP’s so we called them and they were freaked out because they were in the mission office after hours and they were the only ones there. We found out later that there is some website that allows you to prank call people and make it come from a different number, so we realized that it had to have come from another missionary who knows both of our numbers. The AP’s thought it was hilarious but man if that kid gets caught he will get it from them.

B. should be getting out of jail soon. He has finished over half the Book of Mormon last we heard, so he could very well be done with it!

On Saturday we had the baptism of B. G., an investigator that has been working with missionaries for years. Funny story about her. So in my last area, Elder S. would always talk about this golden referral that came from a general authority to the Elders in Ridgeway, the area that was right next to ours and in our district (I spent a lot of time there). Well the missionaries that were in the area when the referral was sent for some reason crammed her teaching record underneath a pile of boxes in the back of a closet. The new elders found it while cleaning the trailer home and on a whim started teaching her. Well, she moved up here to our area and we started teaching her, until we gave her to the sisters because we felt they would be better for her. Now she’s baptized! It’s a small world.

On Sunday night we went by J., the guy we met a couple weeks ago. We talked to him about his life and what we believe in for a while, and even gave him a Book of Mormon which he committed to read. I also played some Frisbee with his son while they talked more (the beauty of being in a three pack). He is going in for a knee surgery so it meant a lot to him for us to come by and talk to him. He doesn’t like the concept of priestcraft, which is super prominent out here, so we are hopeful he likes our church because we don’t sell anything.

Anyhow, on Monday we explored downtown Greenville for fun, and then I took a much needed nap for the rest of the P-Day. Today we will be playing sports in Simpsonville which will be fun.

I gotta get going now. This upcoming week should be crazy. We will see what happens.

Stay crazy,

Elder Jeremiah Brown
Me, Elder Oliver and Anthony Holcombe (Recent convert/ward missionary)


Downtown Greenville


Me getting the car ready for inspections




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