Just one of those weeks

Well to be blunt this week was a big bowl of roadkill casserole. But hey, Elder Nelson told us to find joy in everything, so I’ll pepper it up for you guys.

As far as missionary work goes, this week equals 0, but I guess that means things can only get better. I hope.

We spent this entire week prepping, cleaning, packing, and signing papers for a move that we weren’t even sure would happen. Like literally, I’m not going to bother giving you guys a day to day update because for starters I didn’t keep a log this week, and also because it is all boring packing of boxes, signing of papers, cleaning, etc.

So let’s get down to what happened. We ended up trying to move into the apartment complex that would let us in the fastest, which happened to be one of the nicer ones in the area which is a plus. Everything was going good however we were having to get packed, cleaned, and moved all before the end of Friday, but we couldn’t get into the new apartment until Friday so we were having to clean and pack at the same time, which is when I learned that it’s hard to clean while the entire floor is covered in boxes and missionary junk collected over the years. We had to last minute announce that we were moving and made members scramble last minute to help us move to this place. Thankfully there were a few members with trailers who were understanding and helped us out.

We got everything packed up and ready to go, put in the back of cars and a trailer and headed off to the new place. We went into the office, only to find out that they denied our application and wouldn’t let us move in. So we packed up EVERYTHING, wasted members time and energy, and wasted a week of missionary work so that we could not move into an apartment last minute. So on top of us having to get the member to drive us back to the old place and unpack all of our stuff, we weren’t even sure we would be staying there because our lease expired THAT DAY. Luckily, the mission housing coordinator begged the landlord to let us stay there a couple extra days, so we are living out of boxes and suitcases right now. We also don’t have very much to cook with because we don’t have all of our stuff.

Fun fact, we made church history. According to the AP’s and the housing coordinator, who spoke with the folks at Salt Lake, the church has NEVER had a housing application denied in the history of ever. They think that it is because part of it may have been filled out inaccurately, but the other thought is that whoever was in charge of accepting the application was a Bob Jones graduate (the largest anti-Mormon school in the world that is in our area) and had it out for us. It’s still weird though, because this has never happened. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, this was the last of our worries.

Soooooooo anyway. We are hopefully going to move whenever they get the application situation figured out. Hopefully it will be in the next few days, otherwise I don’t know what we are going to do.

Now, lets focus on the happy things that happened this week!

On Thursday evening we visited J., the guy that we have been meeting with lately. He was going in for surgery on his knee and we gave him a blessing and talked with him for a while. It was a good experience for him, and he got a little emotional.

B. is going to be getting out of jail on the 10th! Last we heard he is doing really well and has committed to have the Book of Mormon finished by the time he gets out! He is on date for the 29th of October and it will be really cool to see him again.

Conference was really awesome! Conference as a missionary is a lot of fun and (maybe it’s because I actually stay awake) I get sooooo much more out of conference as a missionary.

I really enjoyed Elder LeGrand R. Curtis’s talk on the Book of Mormon. It was a really good reminder of how important the Book of Mormon is and how no matter who you are, you can gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, whether that be gradually or all at once. This is something so unique to our church! We are promised time after time that if we just read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, we will know it is true. No untrue church or false prophet could make such a promise. It is important to remember that we are always forming this testimony. It is not a one and done experience. In the beginning of the Book of Mormon it states that it will bring you closer to Christ than any other book. That is a bold claim, and if this claim is true, we should always be reading the Book of Mormon because our goal in life is to become like Christ! It is the only logical thing for a member of this church to do.

Anyway, just a thought.

I gotta get going. Hope this weeks update wasn’t too depressing. I am happy and alive. Though this week was a bit of a downer, good things still happened.

Until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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