Hurricanes, Homelessness, and Other Hectic Havoc

Let me just start this email by saying that I am writing this from a
computer running Windows XP, which apparently was made before the time
of spellcheck existing in email. So if my spelling and grammar are
appaling, you can blame Bill Gates.

Also, this week’s email is going to be really short and fyi no
missionary work happened this week so sorry if you are looking for
some awesome spiritual stories.

This week was complete madness. Let me start from the beginning.

So on Monday we went to Bob Jones University to tour campus. It’s that
one school that’s in our area. It’s the most anti-mormon university in
the world. It was fun.

We found out shortly afterward that the apartment complex we were
planning on moving into this week accepted our application but then
made some lame excuse as to why we couldn’t move in. So we got pushed
back to square one.  We basically spent the rest of
the day running around looking for new places to move.

We got home that night to our filthy apartment to find that we had no
power. Yay. We ended up staying the next few nights at the Zone
Leaders’ apartment which was crazy because they have a small one bed
one bath apartment. We literallly had a bed room. (see pics)

We got the power turned back on a couple days later and then we moved
back to the death pit, only to find that we had to move out again
because the water got shut off. Basically we were living nowhere.

All the while I came down with a cold and the state of South Carolina
went into panic mode over this hurricane. The housing coordinator
couldn’t help us very much because she was dealing with evacuating
half the mission and finding places for them to stay.

A miracle happened on Friday. We had found a pretty good place to move
into on Thursday and started the process of applying. On Friday, when
our water went out, our housing coordinator threw things into overhaul
and told us that we could move in that day. Unfortunantly that was not
enough time to give any members a heads up to help us move, so we
moved on Saturday. Fun fact, Saturday was the day that Hurricane
Matthew hit the SC coast. We had to move our mattresses and all of our
stuff in a flat bed trailer, so we basically loaded them up and prayed
that it wouldn’t start pouring. Luckily, it didn’t rain too hard and
they were only a little wet.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting things in place. We
found out that our dryer didn’t have the right kind of hook
up so we had to go to Home Depot and buy a new cord for it and then
had to go back when we found out that they gave us the wrong one. Then
I spent a good hour trying to figure out how to install it.

Anyway, we are moved in. We are safe. All is well.

The hurricane did zero damage here. All we got was a little wind. The
missionaries down in Columbia are housing the evacuated ones and they
are all on lock down because it is still a little unsafe to go

This is a really short, summed up version of what happened this week.
I would add more detail but I don’t really think it’s very interesting
and also I don’t have enough time.

Basically just imagine what I have described x10 with more
inconveniences and lots of Taco Bell and crying myself to sleep.

Oh. To add to the mess of things here, Sister Fox (Sister Suggs
companion; they are in our ward and district) had apendicitis this
week and had to go to the hospital. Fun stuff.

Basically, this week was a vacation at Satanland.

Anyway, we have a home now. I am super excited to have a normal week
(knock on wood).

I gotta go now, but I will talk more next week!

Drugs are bad,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

To fam


I am safe, as are all the missionaries here. You should know that the
hurricane vortex pretty much hit everywhere in SC but here. So thanks
for the prayers.


The bed room.


Rake boys.  (Not sure why they are posing with rakes).

First photo is me Elder Mitchell and Elder Oliver at Bob Jones
University. We had to take our nametags off under order of Sister
Turner because it would be very dangerous.


Next photo is me holding a Book of Mormon in front of Bob Jones
infamous museum.


Us and the ZL’s in Downtown GV a couple weeks ago.



Elder Kuamo’o, Elder Oliver, and Elder Kuamo’os
trainie. “The Kuamo’o posterity lives on”img_0077

Me before DDM.

Me after DDM with mis compadres

I don’t even know



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