People never cease to amaze me

This week was a little slow. It wasn’t necessarily bad but we had a few days where we didn’t have much going on.

I neglected to keep I nightly log of what happened this week so I will just spout off some of the highlights.

B. had his baptismal interview yesterday! He passed with flying colors and I am super excited for this weekend. He is sooooo ready. Things have been going a lot better for him lately. He has a job now and is working toward getting a car. He still doesn’t have his son back, but it should be a matter of months and that will be all taken care of!

As far as our other investigators go things were good. We got back in contact with D., one of our other investigators. He has been overcoming a nicotine addiction so he has been really out of it. Hopefully he will fully overcome it soon so he can be baptized! He is a super solid investigator.

We found a really cool less active from the Pacific Islands that the Sisters had been working with until we switched up the areas. She came to church on Sunday and we think she enjoyed it. A lot of her family are non-members so we are probably going to be working with them a lot more.

Saturday was a weird day. We spent a lot of time looking for less actives and investigators we lost contact with. We went to visit this little old lady named E. we have been meeting with for a while, and I think she forgot who we were. She warmly invited us inside (which we are allowed to do! Perks of being in a three pack) which was abnormal because she normally had us meet with her on the porch.

She started talking to us about random stuff and then she looked at me and said, “I remember when you were just a little one. Your dad would have me watch you and we would go collect his money. You sure have grown to be a fine young man.”

Obviously I was very confused and I tried really hard not to bust out laughing. I told her she must have been mistaken but she continued saying, “You don’t remember? Your dad was a dealer and we would go out and collect his money (drug dealer). You know what a dealer is right?”

I almost lost it. I seriously considered playing along with it, but then E.’s 60 year old son who hasn’t lost his mind yet walked in and she exclaimed, “G., these are H.’s sons!” G. was like, “Really!? You guys have grown so much!” We straight up told G. that we were the missionaries and such and he seemed to understand.

I walked out laughing. E. also thought that the Jehovah’s Witnesses gave her the Book of Mormon. Before we left we asked (or “axed”, as it is pronounced here in the south), her to let the people who gave her the Book of Mormon into her house the next time they go by.

We probably won’t be going by again.

On Friday we had the opportunity to meet with 2 students from Bob Jones University. If you aren’t familiar with Bob Jones, it is a large Baptist university and is considered the anti-mormon capital of the world. It has a printing press dedicated to anti-mormon literature and they teach anti-mormon doctrine to their students. We got a text a couple weeks ago from a guy who found a Book of Mormon in his bookshelf and it had our number in it. He asked to meet with us over dinner to talk about what we believed in. We found out that he was a Bob Jones student, studying theology. Naturally, we were very nervous to meet with him but we agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant. He ended up being really nice and we had a really genuine conversation with him about what we believe in. He did ask many very deep questions which I don’t think I was 100% successful at answering but it was still a good time. We also got to hear about what he believed in which was really interesting. I have never met a Baptist who actually knows what they are talking about until now and it was really cool to finally be able to understand why they believe what they believe.

It kinda dawned on me that people of other faiths really do believe in what they say they do. Like literally, as much as you believe that our church is true, they believe the same about their religion. It really made me think about my testimony and why I am a member of this church. I am really glad to have been born in this church and also to have a knowledge of the fullness of the gospel. Literally, it is the fullness. You can just tell that there is something missing from other faiths, and I really saw that when I met with this guy. I realized the magnitude of my calling and what I am trying to do. I am trying to redirect people’s already strong faith in God to faith in His restored church. Many places in the world this is not the case, but here in the south most people are religious.

Anyway, just a thought.

Anyhow. I really can’t think of anything else crazy that happened this week. We went home teaching with Brother S. on Thursday and got to ride in his convertible VW. That was pretty sweet.

On Monday for P-Day we played some tennis and then a game of Star Wars Risk. It wasn’t the most exciting P-Day but I guess not every one can be.

Today we will be playing sports with the Greenville East Zone. Elder K. is now home so I don’t get to look forward to seeing him there, but oh well. I’ll miss that kid.

I think that is about it. Hopefully this upcoming week will be more exciting.

mucho luvs,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Picture 1: G-SLEDZZZ!!!! The ugliest creation of the south. (Ghetto Sleds)

Picture 2: Brother S.’s convertable

Picture 3: Local church here





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