A glorious week in Greenville 3rd

Ok so let’s just say it’s been a fabulous week. Also, I am typing this on a clunky iPad screen because the genius school district here decided to let their extra genius kids out earlier for Halloween (I think or maybe they all ditched), and they decided to spend their extra time uselessly surfing the web on the limited computers here. I hate adolescents. I’m glad I was never one of those haha *eye twitch*.

So down to the good stuff. B. got baptized on Saturday! It was an awesome experience and he is doing awesome! It was one of the most amazing baptisms I have been to on my mission. It is also technically the first one I have had out here (although we did technically have a baptism in the first week of my mission but we didn’t really do anything for that).

We met with B. a few times before the baptism and he was super excited! One of the coolest things that happened was probably the fact that B.’s parents (who were previously opposed to the church) came to the baptism and got really emotional. They were super grateful for what the church had done for him and told us they would be coming to church in a couple weeks! It was amazing!

As far as other amazing miracles go, a beautiful thing happened this morning.

As it is the last day of the month, we called our Bank of America cards to see if by chance our MSF had reset. You cannot imagine the blissful sound coming from our apartment, as three young adults jumped up and down on their beds screaming songs of joy at the top of their lungs.

We got an MSF increase.

Apparently the mission president talked to Salt Lake about us getting more monthly MSF because of how little we were getting as well as the fact that we aren’t allowed to have members feed us or anything like it. I can’t tell you how happy I was. We got a 25 dollar increase, which is a lot for us. It says something about how much we were getting before if the church was willing to give us that much of a raise.

Anyhow, this is a legendary week for he SCCM. Halloween has now become more than just a pagan holiday. It is Thanksgiving’s equivalent to a cool uncle.

So, aside from the baptism and all, it was a great week. We had a lot going on and got a lot of missionary work done.


Highlights of today include playing sports with the Greenville East Zone and going to Taco bell. It was a good day overall.


Today we went on splits with Brother G. He is a very interesting and strange man. He is one of those guys that you aren’t sure what he is going to say. Either it can be very funny or very strange and awkward. Anyway, we took him up to see a less active we had never met in Paris Mountain, which by the way is not a mountain but is basically a lame excuse for a foothill. South Carolinian’s don’t know what mountains are so an anthill is basically half dome.

Anyway, this less active lives almost at the top of Paris Mountain and is VERY wealthy. We were a little bit nervous going to see him because wealthy people are hit and miss, but we tried by anyway. He was WAY nice! He is an older retired fellow who’s wife is not a member and has just slowly gotten out of coming to church. He expressed interest in getting back to church, and of course we were very excited to hear that. He is a retired advertising director, which I found very interesting because that is what I have been considering as a career path. He spent a lot of his life in San Francisco and LA and then moved out here. I really enjoyed talking to him and I am hopeful that we can meet again.

Afterward we started our exchange with the Zone Leaders. I went to the Zone Leader’s area with Elder R. and Elder M., and Elder O. stayed behind with Elder D. Elder R. and I always have a really fun time talking because we both served in Blythewood for 6 months and we both were companions with Elder S.


Today we had the rest of our exchange with the Zone Leaders. We went around and visited a lot of people. We met some very strange individuals at Taco Bell that night. One homeless guy we met talked to us for a while. He literally did nothing but collect change off of the ground. He went around drive through’s and other such places and that is how he made a living.

We also went to what Elder R. calls the “crazy house.” I now understand why he calls it that. I literally don’t think there was anybody normal in there. It is a super tall apartment building that is in the center of Greenville and man that place is weird. It kinda reminded me of the apartment in World War Z that Brad Pitt and his family break out of in the beginning of the movie. Man this place gave me the creeps. We had to wait like 10 minutes to get on the elevator (cause we are pretty sure there aren’t any stairs, which I think is illegal). We finally got on the elevator with this strange little black man who had no teeth, was talking in a badly faked Chinese accent, and had brought a food mart shopping cart with him. He offered us his sound system on sale, for free cause he was getting a new one. We followed the guy to the fourth floor and actually went to the door right across from his apartment and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he had wild animals in there. The whole thing was a blur and I don’t think anyone in there was not doing something illegal.

That was our day in a nutshell.


Today we had interviews with President Turner which were good as usual. Nothing too spectacular though.

Highlight of today was going to the B.’s (the part member family) for dinner and a lesson. It was a lot of fun and real food tasted really good.


Today we spent a ton of time closing down our old apartment. Nothing too exciting.

We also had a Skype lesson with B. and met some cool people with A. on splits.


Today was crazy and awesome. We spent a lot of the day prepping everything for the baptism. After the baptism, which was awesome, we had the ward Trunk-or-treat and chili cook off. It was a huge success because we got a ton of our investigators to show up. H. and S., the people we worked with a while ago, came tonight which was great! We also got to be the judges for the chili cook off and man I haven’t felt that much pressure in a long time. There was some really good chili though.


Today we had church which was good. B. was confirmed a member of the church! We also had a lesson with T. and K. B. (same people as Thursday) which was good. Those were the highlights of the day.
Over all, it was an amazing week! Lots of fun and cool things happened and so far this new week has been a blast as well. Today is Halloween so basically we have an all day P-Day because we are on lockdown tonight. I guess we will be playing some board games tonight or something.

Anyhow, I don’t know what else to say. It was a great week hands down.

Until next week,

Stay hydrated,

Elder Jeremiah Brown
Pictures as follows:

1. B., Brother M., and da eldaz

2. B. and I, post baptism.

3. Yep

4. I don’t know why this was taken…






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