Just another week

So this week was pretty good. We got a lot of work done and had some
good success.

I don’t really know what to talk about because I am super unfocused right now.

It has gotten a whole lot colder here. It just randomly dropped from
70+ degrees to on Sunday it didn’t get over 50 and it rained.

One highlight of the week was listening to what everybody had to say
about the election. People are literally talking about moving out and
other people are basically worshipping Donald Trump. It’s pretty
hilarious actually.

We met some really cool people this week. On Wednesday we went on
splits with A. Elder M. went with A. and Elder O.
and I stayed together. We had a pretty cool experience together. We
were sitting in a parking lot after dark trying to figure out what to
do and I had the distinct impression to go visit this one random
potential investigator that lived far out in our area. I was afraid
Elder O. was going to think I was crazy, and at first he didn’t
agree to go but then as I persisted he went along with it.

We got to B.’s place and he was not there, so we knocked around. I
knew that there was definitely a reason why we needed to be there. We
knocked a bunch of houses around the area with no luck. It was dark,
cold, and windy and I was starting to wonder if I was crazy. We
finally knocked on a door and a guy named G. answered. He was really
cool and talked with us for a while about our church and agreed to
meet with us more. Elder O. and I walked away from that with the
knowledge that we definitely needed to be there and we were definitely
inspired by the Spirit to go there at that time.

We met some other cool people this week. Nothing much else though. I
am running out of time and I gotta get going.

I will talk more next week!

Stay hydrated,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


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