In memory of Smoky the Bear

SC decided to troll us the last couple weeks by lighting itself on fire. All I am saying is I probably smoked the equivalent of 10 packs of cigarettes just breathing this garbage air.

Anyway, my week, as you may notice, is a lot more detailed than normal. This is what happens when I actually keep a nightly log of what happened.


Well today was alright. Kinda expensive though. We decided for P-Day we were going to go bowling because we weren’t sure what else to do and it was super smoky outside from the recent forest fires in North Carolina. Normally bowling has been a pretty low cost fun thing to do, but man we got ripped off at this place. It costed us 9 bucks each to get a pair of stinky shoes and one stupid game. I was pretty ticked.
Afterward we went to Arby’s because they have $1 happy hour from 2-5 and got a small dinner. I started feeling really bad. Not really sure what happened but I was not feeling well so we ended up staying inside the rest of the night and yeah that’s about it.
Today was pretty awesome. We started our day on a really good note by having DDM (District Development Meeting). We had some good discussions as a District and I gave a training on obedience and hard work.
We made lunch at the church and then afterward went and visited people around the area. We got to meet with H. and S. M. and talked with them. They said they would try to come to church this week which was good. We are probably going to drop them soon unless they start coming to church.
After that we went and saw G. and R., the Hispanic couple that showed up at church randomly a few months ago. We lost contact with them for a while but they randomly started showing back up to church and this time we got their address to we could actually meet with them. The lesson was awesome! They are the type of people missionaries dream of having as investigators. They moved from Charleston just a few months ago and had been invited by a friend there to come to church. Somehow they remembered which church it was because they came and found it up here! They literally know nothing about our church, Joseph Smith, or the Book of Mormon, but said they felt really good when they came so they wanted to keep coming back! We were amazed! We spent a good amount of time getting to know them and then taught them the restoration. It went really well and Elder O. gave a really powerful testimony at the end.
After that we went and had dinner with the T. family. They are partially active so we are working on getting them back, but it also means they get to feed us! They had asked us to give their granddaughter a blessing for a surgery so we did that. S. T. is a cutco salesman and was showed us his fancy knives. They are super nice and wow they cut well but I can’t believe anyone would spend $1200 on a set of kitchen knives.
That basically ended our day.
Today was pretty great. A. called us in the morning and asked if he could come out and do missionary work with us today. (Pretty much nobody ever does this, that’s why I love A. He’s a missionaries dream come true.) We gratefully obliged and pretty much tore apart our area. We visited a lot of less actives and investigators. We weren’t too successful in talking to people but we still got a lot of work done.
Afterward we went to Ward coordination and Book of Mormon class. G. and R. showed up which was great! That was all of our day basically.
Today we had a lot of busy work to do. Elder M. had to get a bunch of stuff done in preparation for going home. We ended up spending the bulk of the day doing service for the B.’s though. They needed help moving stuff from K.’s old house so we helped out with that.
We had an interesting experience in the moving truck they rented. We opened up the sealed bag of moving blankets that the uHaul trucks normally have in them, and sitting at the bottom of the bag were a bunch of needles and syringes. I’m pretty sure they were used and they had something in them. I guess the last users of the truck had a party or something. Of all places to find drugs I was not thinking in a uHaul truck. Gross.
It took a lot longer than we were expecting but it was all good because we got dinner out of it and we also got to have a lesson with K. and her kids.
After that we came home and I made calls, whoop whoop.
Probably the craziest part of the day was finding out that we will be having an Apostle, a member of the Presiding Bishopric, and a President of the Seventy coming to hold a mission conference in January! We aren’t sure who it is going to be yet but this type of thing doesn’t normally happen. It’s normal to have a general authority visit once a year, usually a Seventy, but not all this. In the past when we have had Apostles visit the mission it has only been the Apostle by himself. The fact that they are ALL coming this suddenly along with a normal planned visit from another general authority later in the month is crazy! It means something big is probably going to happen here. We are so confused haha.
Today was good. We spent a lot of the day working on getting Elder M.’s bike disassembled and packed up, which involved us finding a bike box for him. Once we actually got the box it took a year and a half to get the bike disassembled only to find out that the box was too small. I was super happy.

Other than that though the day was pretty good. We went and saw a less active named J. L. who is very interesting. You can hardly tell what he is saying because he has no teeth and he has a stub for a foot. We talked to him about coming to church and I don’t really think he knew that he was a member. He agreed to come to church in a couple weeks though! We are going to try to get an investigator down the street from him to drive him to church. This investigator, Ja., is a really interesting guy. He was sitting on his porch when we went up to talk to him and we asked him how he was doing. He told us that some lady that had been living with him had just gotten arrested for calling the cops too much. I guess I am a terrible person because I thought that was pretty funny. Gotta love the ghetto.

We ended the day by doing weekly planning. Usually we get that done in the morning but because it gets dark way earlier we have been trying to get out of the apartment as soon as we can.


Today we had an appointment with J. F., who I neglected to talk about last week. We knocked into him last week and he let us into the house without any hesitation. We taught him the restoration and he was decently interested in learning more. He readily accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would read from it. He is originally from Missouri and knew a bit about us. It was really cool talking to him and I see good things in the future.

Anyway, we met with him and talked about what he had read. He had actually read a decent amount of the Book of Mormon and committed to read more! He said he would come to church on Sunday as well. We were pumped.

After that we went to Bob Jones University. D. S., our investigator from BJU, wanted to take us on a tour of their museum. I have to say it was really cool. They have one of the largest collections of Roman Catholic Baroque art in the world. There was some really cool artwork there. There was also some really weird artwork there, but that is to be expected with Baroque art I think, or maybe just any art for that matter.

I did a terrible job explaining stuff in my email last week, and I can’t remember if I talked about this or not. We met with D. last week and we were expecting him to have some good questions to ask us, but we were also looking to kind of drop him because meeting with him had been unproductive. Well it turns out that he didn’t have any questions for us this time, but he wanted to strongly caution us on our religious choices. Basically I just sat there and was like “Here we go again…” and listened to his lecture. We asked him straight up if he thought we were going to Hell and he said yes. I was like “cool bro love you too.” It was pretty awkward, but meh you can’t argue with Baptists so I just chose to listen and then testify of our beliefs. It did touch him I think, but I’m pretty sure it just made him think we’ve seen an angel of light or something.

In other news, we probably ended up on the front of Greenville Weekly as idiots of the week. After we did the tour we went to get a different bike box for Elder M. We decided to strap the box on top of our car with bungee cords, until a guy watching us from his truck pointed out that we wouldn’t be able to get in the car because we put the straps through the windows. The guys in the bike shop sat there laughing at us and then came out and offered to tape it down to the car. We took them up on their offer. We probably looked so dumb standing there in white shirts and ties trying to get a large box strapped to the top of our dinky Corolla. They said that we weren’t the dumbest people they met today. Super reassuring.


Today was good. G. and R. showed up to church. J. didn’t end up coming, we aren’t sure exactly why but we will talk to him this upcoming week. After church we went back home and had lunch. Then we went to visit a couple of people. The first person we went to visit was a media referral we got a few days ago that seemed pretty interested. We got there and nobody answered, and just as we were about to pull out of the driveway a car pulled up. I hate it when this happens. Hate it.

A guy got out and he was super nice! He said that when he saw “Jesus Christ” on our name tags he wasn’t worried. He wanted to talk more with us later and he said that he would tell his wife (who was the media referral) that we came by. They seemed pretty promising.

Afterward we went to go visit a family who we had met previously and were very interested in meeting with us. We had stopped by a few times before and nobody answered the door. This time there was obviously someone home and nobody came to the door. We walked back to the car and were going to drop them, but when we were driving off they came out of the house and waved us down. Apparently each time we’ve come by they have been home but have had to put the dogs away and so they never get to the door in time. We felt kinda dumb but we had a super awesome lesson with them and they really wanted to learn more! They are super nice people and I would not be surprised if they become progressing investigators soon.

That was pretty much our day.
Over all it was a really good week. Next week I will find out if I am staying here or not. I probably am but we will see.

It has been awesome here and I am really excited for Thanksgiving. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving as well and remember who truly has given you all that you have.

Stay crazy,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


1. Us after bowling
2. Us after eating at the beacon a few weeks ago
3. I dunno
4. Us being idiots with the stupid bike box (oh I forgot to mention that that one ended up being the wrong size as well)






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