I’m a Grandpa!

Well this week was ok. It probably won’t be the most interesting to read about but hey, you can’t always please the fan girls.

Today was good stuff. After we finished emailing and shopping we went with the ZL’s to Dixie Republic, a store out in the middle of nowhere that is basically one of the few remaining places that sells real confederate items (real flags, license plates, memorabilia, etc.). It’s actually a really cool place, everything there will probably not be available in the next 10 years so it is cool to see the history there. I’ve thought about buying a flag because it could be worth a lot more 30 years from now

After we finished our P Day fun, we went to give A. a blessing. The poor guy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis today and needed some comfort. That was pretty much all of our day

Today was a bit hectic but it turned out ok. We had DDM in the morning and that was good stuff. I trained on being a successful missionary.

For lunch Elder M. wanted to eat at The Clock for the last time, a food place unique to the upstate of South Carolina. It was pretty good but I didn’t really want to go because I hate spending a lot of money on food.

After that we continued trying to find Elder M. a bike box. I was so done with the search but Elder M. was determined to not pay $50 extra to have someone pack it for him.

We found a box that seemed promising (from what the guy on the phone said). We brought it home and let’s just say that we now have a 3rd extra bike box sitting around that doesn’t fit.

Finally, I had the bright idea of seeing if REI had anything. They did! And it was the perfect size! Only problem was that it also cost $20. Elder M. finally gave in and bought the box. Hallelujah.

While A. and Elder M. went to do that, I went with Elder O. to our appointment with G. and R. G. wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t make the lesson, but R. still let us in and we had a great lesson with him. They are pretty much picture perfect investigators. We put R. on date for the 17th of December and he was very excited! We also taught him the Plan of Salvation because he asked us about the afterlife, and he was really touched. He talked about a friend that passed away who was a really good person but he wasn’t sure where he would be going in the next life. We assured him that after he was baptized, he could go and do the work of salvation for this friend of his. It made him feel really great!

After that lesson we went back to pick Elder M. up and then spent our dinner getting haircuts from B. G., a recent convert here who cuts hair. They have an awesome family and it is amazing to see how the church has changed their lives! Their daughter P. reminds me of Sophia when she was little.

That was pretty much the rest of the evening. Not much else happened afterward and it was overall a pretty good day.

As far as missionary work goes, today was not the greatest. It being so close to the holidays plus the fact that we have to get Elder M. prepped for home added to that problem. We had a few appointments we went to that fell through. We also spent a good chunk of time getting more materials to ship Elder M.’s bike home.

The T.’s, who had us over for dinner last week and were going to have us over Thanksgiving morning had to cancel but rescheduled for today instead. They made waffle-wiches, basically breakfast sandwiches with waffles as the bread. They were delicious and yep. That was probably the highlight of the day. Other than that it was pretty dull.

Today was a lot of fun! Basically a day of party. And thanks of course.

This morning we had a turkey bowl. It was fun and all, but at the same time it really wasn’t because I am terrible at football and I was on the loosing team. We got annihilated.

We went from the turkey bowl to 7/11 because we were super thirsty and then we went back home to shower and get ready for thanksgiving dinner.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the J.’s house. They are a super fun family! Their son in law D. (who I’ve talked about before) is really cool. He and his wife are freelance musicians and are actually really great! Their group name is Carpoolparty and we heard a bit of their work and it sounded really catchy. They try to make positive music so check them out!

After dinner at the Jackson’s we went to the church and we practiced the piano (Elder Mitchell and I).

After that not much else happened. We pretty much just went home and played Farkle for the small remainder of the evening.

Today was crazy. So today during comp study we got a call from President Turner. He told Elder O. that he will be whitewash training this next transfer! This is crazy because it is very rare for missionaries to have this much responsibility right out of training. He is one of three missionaries to ever do this right out of training (with this mission president at least)!

I have a Grandson! I am super excited for him but I am also kinda nervous. I think I kinda understand what it is like to have a child leave the home for the first time. I guess you could say that I have motherly paranoia.

Anyway, I will be staying here and getting a new companion. It should be interesting to see who I get. I have no idea who it could be.

After we found out that Elder O. was leaving I spent a good chunk of the morning putting the finishing touches together with packaging Elder M.’s bike. It is done now. What a glorious day!

After that we went to visit a few potential investigators and a few less actives. We weren’t too successful and most people weren’t home.

A large majority of the rest of the day was just taking care of other busy work. We needed to pick something up from the church in the evening and on our way over we got a call from the building coordinator asking if we could let the cleaning members in. They ended up being short handed so we stayed for a bit and helped clean up. After that we headed back home for the evening.

It was not the most productive day as far as missionary work is concerned but I guess it could have been worse.

Today was just as crazy as yesterday. We got a call from the AP’s this morning asking if Elder O. knew he would be whitewash training. They told us his new area would be “interesting” and that he would like it a lot.

So a bit of a side story. Elder M. is a genius when it comes to predicting mission changes. We joke that he has the gift of prophecy because before he got to Greenville with me he had a dream that he would be whitewashing Greenville 3rd, and then did exactly that a couple weeks later! Anyway, the AP’s called back a few minutes later and asked where Elder M. thought Elder O. was going. Elder M. had also previously “prophesied” to one of the AP’s (who wasn’t an AP at the time) that he would be an AP when he was going home. He told them that he thought Elder O. would be going to Ridgeway. They went silent for a few seconds and then busted out laughing! He guessed it right on the first try!

Elder O. is going to be whitewashing Ridgeway! Ridgeway, in case you have forgotten, is the area that was right next to me in Blythewood. We would go on exchanges there often and man it is a crazy place. It is pretty much as deep into the “Deep South” as you can get. The city of Ridgeway literally has a population of just over 300.

Anyway, after the shock of that settled in, I sat and talked to Elder O. about what he should expect in Ridgeway, since I spent a lot of time there. He is going to do a lot of growing. It will be good for him though!

We spent a good chunk of the day sending Elder M.’s bike off. It is done! I am so glad I never have to see that piece of garbage again. We strapped it to the top of our car again, this time with packaging and electrical tape and it turned out pretty decent I think. Luckily we didn’t have to go very far so I just drove really slow.

After that we tried to visit a bunch of people but didn’t have too much luck because it’s the night of the Clemson vs. USC (University of South Carolina, not the real USC) game and EVERYONE up here is a Clemson fan. Seriously USC is terrible but for some reason the southerners here have a ridiculously heated rivalry with each other.

That ended our night basically.

Today not much happened. Church was good and Elder O. and Elder M. said their goodbyes to everyone. G. and R. came again which was great! K., one of our investigators who is in a part member family came to church as well. I have noticed a change in him lately and I am hopeful that we might be able to make some progress with him sooner than later.

We went home and I made some homemade macaroni and cheese for “Linner,” and then we went and visited a few families. We tried by B., K. and J., but B. wasn’t feeling well so we arranged a time to meet next week. I don’t know if I talked about them last week or not, but they are becoming really solid investigators. B. has said that she has been really impressed with “the Mormons” and really wants to get into what we believe. I am really interested in seeing where this goes.

After we went and visited people, we went home and finished 12 week with Elder O. (12 week is the training program for new missionaries). We finished everything, so he is now officially graduated from training.

My boy is all grown up! *tears stream down face*

Anyway, it wasn’t the most interesting day, but not every day can be right?

I guess you could say that this week wasn’t too exciting, from a missionary work standpoint at least. Actually in terms of missionary work this week was terrible. So, sorry if this email is boring. Wednesday is the day of transfers. I am excited to see who my new companion will be. Hopefully he isn’t a dweeb.

This Friday will mark 1 year as a missionary! It is crazy that the time has gone by so fast! It makes me kinda sad that I can only do this for one more year, considering how fast this last one went by.

After this next transfer I will have been here for 6 months. I am just fine with that too, because this area is AWESOME! There is a ton more work to do here and I want to be here for it to get done! I would not be surprised if I was here for another 4-6 months, and honestly I am fine with that. I love Greenville! I would actually consider living here.

Well, I think that is about it. I am super excited to see what this next week will be like. Hopefully it will be more exciting than last week.

Stay Hydrated,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


1. Me in front of Gvill sign

2. Us and the ZL’s in front of the Gville sign

3. Our wonderful tape job




1. Me at the Clock

2. Me at Turkey Bowl





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