A year in SC

Well this week marks a year since I started my mission. It’s crazy to
think that it was only a year ago that I went to the MTC.

So a lot happened this week. I have less time than usual today
and I neglected to keep a nightly log of everything so I apologize if
this is short.

We spent most of Monday and Tuesday getting ready for transfers. Elder
M. and Elder O. said goodbyes to a bunch of people. The
B.’s had us over for dinner and cooked us each a rack of ribs. They
are way too nice to us.

Transfers was fun. There were a lot of old missionary acquaintances
there that I got to see again which was a lot of fun.

My new companion is Elder B. He came out with Elder O.’s
group so he’s been out for about 4 months. He’s pretty cool and is a
really genuinely good guy. He’s also a super hard worker which is
really nice.

We got a lot of missionary work done this week. There wasn’t too much
progression with our more solid investigators but it was still a good
week. Lots of doors slammed, lots of angry people. Oh how joyous
tracting can be.

Overall nothing too notable happened. The coolest part of the week was
Stake Conference, particularly the adult session. Presiding at the
meeting was Elder Juan E. Uceda of the Seventy. He is a really amazing
person. He actually spoke last general conference.

He shared some awesome experiences and it was a really spiritual meeting.

It is getting colder here now. Yesterday the high was 43 and it rained
all day. In the morning time when it was colder there was actually a
bit of snow falling, although it melted on contact.

Anyway, I gotta get going. We are making a Christmas video for
Christmas Zone Conference in a couple weeks. It should be fun stuff.

Until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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