Addresses that don’t exist

Like literally we went to 5-6 houses that didn’t exist this week.

Anyway this week was pretty tough. Like it was good and we worked really hard but it wasn’t a very fruitful week I guess.

It’s starting to get pretty cold here. The humidity here makes the cold feel WAY colder. There is a chance of snow next week and there is one day that won’t get over 36, so we may be on lock down for icy roads a couple days next week. People out here don’t know how to drive on ice and even if you know how to drive on it it isn’t safe because they will hit you. Drivers out here appall me.

So on Monday we spent most of our day working on our district Christmas video. Every Christmas we are allowed to make a video to show in Christmas Zone Conference. They are usually pretty funny although I am not sure how ours is going to turn out because we didn’t get very much done.

I will send the results.

After that we tried by a less active family who told us to come by Monday evening. We weren’t expecting them to keep the appointment (as most LA’s don’t seem to keep them) but to our surprise they were still planning on having us over and even made dinner for us. Brother and Sister S. are a Hispanic family that has gone less active since the Spanish branch closed here. They made us some really good Mexican food, and probably the first real Mexican I’ve had in a year or so. We had a really good conversation with them about the gospel and invited them back to church and to the Christmas dinner.

On Tuesday our appointment with G. and R. fell through because they were super sick. I was a little bummed out because we will probably have to push out their baptismal date to the end of the month but hopefully things will work out.

We went and visited a ton of less actives with A. and saw a bunch of crazy people. We went by one less active person’s house and they were standing there holding a gun and their dogs ran after us and they didn’t do anything to stop them so we decided to just call them later.

On Wednesday we biked a TON. It was really nice outside so we decided it would be a good day to do some biking. We biked to a lot of potential investigators and less actives houses and didn’t have too much success. There were a lot of people who didn’t want to talk to us like usual. We did talk to this one guy who was doing landscaping outside someone’s house and he was pretty nice. Other than that we talked to a ton of Baptists who did not want to have anything to do with us. There are SOOOOOO many Baptists here it is crazy. After we biked we went to Book of Mormon class and then Ward Coordination and that wrapped up our day.

On Thursday we had a lot of busy work. We had to do weekly planning in the morning and then after that we did service for C. K., a less active member in our ward. We helped him paint his house which was a lot of fun and we had a good talk with him. After that we visited M. C., the paralyzed Hispanic guy, and read him some of the Book of Mormon. The rest of the day was pretty unfruitful. We finished weekly planning and then visited some random people who didn’t answer and/or want to talk to us.

Friday we had ZTM which is always fun because we get to see the missionaries from all over the Zone. There were some cool things announced there. The Apostle visiting the mission will be Elder Gary E. Stevenson, so that will be awesome!

After that we visited a bunch of people and nobody wanted to talk to us until the evening when we had an appointment with R. C., a less active member who is looking to become active again.

Saturday was much more fruitful than the rest of the week. We knocked around a less active’s house and the first door we knocked we were let in without much of an introduction and we were offered a drink. The man’s name was E. and he was a super nice guy. He is a very devout and active Catholic and we had a really good discussion with him about our beliefs as well as his. He was actually very receptive of our message, although he didn’t completely agree with it, and I think we touched him. Hopefully he reads the Book of Mormon and prays about it. He was very sincere and I am really glad we got to meet him. It was refreshing meeting with a Catholic. All we ever get to talk to is Baptists and man do they get old.

After that we had an apt with J. F., a guy we have been meeting with for a little while now. Their house didn’t have any heating in it because their gas isn’t hooked up yet so it was like 40 degrees in their place. The lesson was pretty good but J. hadn’t done too much reading since we met last so there wasn’t a lot of progression. He promised to read more before we meet next week.

After that we had the Christmas Dinner and I was a little bit disappointed because nobody we invited showed up. Meh. The food was good though.

On Sunday we had a good Sacrament Meeting and all. After church we spent a lot of time trying to contact less actives without much success. I was super tired and had pretty low morale so I was struggling to find things to do. Finally I had the thought that we should go visit E. H., a recent convert here in the ward. I am really glad we went by because he has been going through some hard times and hasn’t been to church in a little while. His family is going through a divorce and it has been really hard on him. We talked with him for a long time and then shared a message with him about trials. I think it really helped him and he was super thankful for us coming by and taking time to talk to him. It really made the day seem worth it.

That was my week. Hopefully it didn’t put you to sleep. It’s been one of the slower weeks we have had here in a long time. Hopefully things start to pick up here.

I have got to go now, but I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the Christmas season!


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Me and Elder B. in front of the treeimg_0228

Me posing by one of the rarest things in SC… A bike lane!


Answers to some of mom’s questions:

I thought I told you guys but Elder B.(his new companion) is from Bicknoll Utah, which is basically the middle of nowhere in southern Utah. He is a farm boy and worked on a cow farm most of his life.

The daily schedule is good. Even after a year of doing it, getting up at 6:30 every morning is still hard. We don’t get up early for language study or anything. Normally for workouts I just do a bunch of push ups and sit ups and then we have a bench press so I go on that as well. When we bike I don’t usually work out too hard cause I don’t want to tire myself out.

We have put up some Christmas decorations, as you see in the picture. The tree we got was left here by past missionaries which was nice.


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