Christmas Fun and Coldness

This week was tons of fun! It is definitely starting to feel like Christmas around here, although apparently it’s just me because all the Utah missionaries around here won’t stop complaining about how there isn’t any snow.

It has started to get very cold here. On Friday it didn’t get above 40 and before you judge me and call me a wimp, understand that 40 degrees here is WAY colder than 40 degrees out west. The humidity here makes things 10 times colder. It’s seriously crazy. Missionaries from Utah and Idaho have told me that they would definitely take the weather from back home over this.

On Monday I spent the entire day editing our District Christmas Video and had a ton of fun doing that. It’s been at least a year since I’ve gotten to do video editing and I forgot how much I like it. Our District Video was alright considering our circumstances I guess. I wish it could have gone better though.

Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder F. and that was pretty great! We had a really good lesson with G. and R. who are now feeling better. We taught the Plan of Salvation to both of them and had a really good discussion about their baptism scheduled for the 31st now. We got to talk to a lot of Hispanic people because Elder F. speaks Spanish. We met this Hawaiian lady who gave us Hawaiian Host macadamia nut chocolates. Those were pretty much gone before the end of the night.

Wednesday we exchanged back and Elder B. and I had a pretty slow day. I don’t even remember too much of what happened.

Thursday we had a very cold day. We were running low on miles so we biked around and man I froze. We didn’t have too much success talking to people either cause nobody really wanted to come outside. I don’t blame them either.

Friday was AWESOME! We had Christmas Zone Conference and that was a blast! We got to see all the missionaries from the upstate which is always fun. The AP’s and President gave some great trainings and then we had a pizza lunch. After that we showed all of the District Christmas Videos which were pretty funny. Then we got to watch a movie. I was expecting something like “Meet the Mormons,” cause that’s the type of stuff they’ve shown in the past, but they surprised us. They showed “Christmas in Conway,” a movie that takes place here in SC so they show a lot of footage of Conway and talk about places here. I was pretty surprised that they decided to show us a Hallmark chick flick of all things but whatever, it was a movie. I did think it was kinda funny because I am the only one in the mission right now that can say “Christmas in Conway” applies to me, because I literally had “Christmas in Conway” last year. I really miss that place. I probably had the most fun I have had on my mission there. I hope that I can serve around there one of these days so I can go back and visit.

After Christmas Zone Conference we had dinner and then went Caroling with both of the zones in Downtown Greenville. Downtown GV is definitely one of the coolest downtown’s I have ever been to, especially right now because they have Christmas lights up. It was VERY cold but I think we were successful. Some of the missionaries wrapped Books of Mormon up as presents and handed them out, which I thought was pretty clever. Anyway, after that we got some hot chocolate and went home. Great day. 10/10 would recommend.

Saturday was pretty good. We went to a senior care home with the district and did some Christmas caroling to them. It was pretty easy because they can’t really hear us in the first place. We could literally sing On Top of Old Smokey in falsetto and they would think it was the best performance of Jingle Bells since Burl Ives. It was fun but man let me tell you I would hate living in one of those places.

If I ever get that senile I want my children to take me skydiving over and over again until my parachute stops working or I have a heart attack cause that would stink. Literally. My diaper would be stinky and I will not pay anyone to change it.

Sunday was a little slow. G. and R. came to church. After church we went and tried visiting a bunch of people but didn’t have much success. We did meet a lady who had a fully grown pig living in her house. I thought it was a dog at first but then I realized there was no way a dog could be that big. It was HUGE. I still have no clue why anyone would let that thing come inside the house.
It’s been a fun week overall. The holidays can slow missionary work down a lot but we handled it pretty well and still had a fun time. I am excited for Christmas, especially because it is on Sunday. When I was younger I remember not appreciating Christmas on Sunday because it meant that we would have to wait until after church for presents. I guess you could say that I have a different perspective now. I would like to encourage everyone this Christmas to consider the significance of Jesus’s birth as you take the Sacrament on Sunday. What you are celebrating this holiday is what makes the Sacrament possible. I think as we make the Sacrament more meaningful we will have a better experience at church and especially this Sunday feel the Christmas Spirit.

Have a great Christmas!

Love or hate,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

Christmas Zone Conference


Caroling in Greenville (we can’t yet find Elder Brown in this one…)



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