Goodbye Greenville

What a week it has been. I could not have foreseen the events that took place.

So as you can tell in the email heading, I am leaving Greenville. I was really not expecting to be leaving this transfer. I mean, I have been here for 6 months now, but I was pretty sure I was going to be here 9 months or so. I guess that would have been too good to be true.

The crazy part is that Elder B. will be leaving as well, so we will be getting whitewashed. I was very surprised to find that out because Elder B. just got here 5 weeks ago and now he is getting the boot as well. I asked the AP why we were getting whitewashed and he just said it was the way things worked out this transfer.

I am a little disappointed, but I guess this is what needs to happen.

Anyway, as a result of this you will be getting a really short email because I have very little time. We have to prep the area for the next missionaries, pack, and say goodbyes before Wednesday morning, which takes a TON more time that it would seem. Especially because we still don’t have a car. More on that later.

So first off, G. and R. were baptized on Saturday! It went really smoothly and I still can’t believe it went so well. Probably the smoothest baptism I have ever heard of happening. Brother S. baptized them, and I confirmed them on Sunday.

Let me just say that confirming people is kinda scary. I don’t have trouble talking in front of large groups of people, but doing sacred ordinances in front of large groups of people is a whole other thing.

So we were supposed to get the car back on Tuesday, but knowing my luck with bureaucracy we still do not have our car back. The part that gets my blood boiling is that there is literally a working car sitting in the shop, but we are still on bikes.

The car has been fixed since Tuesday afternoon, but they are having insurance issues and won’t let the ZL’s take their car back until after they pay. So basically the Zone Leaders are driving our car while their car sits, fully functioning, in the shop and we have to bike around our obnoxiously large and mountainous area.

I cannot put my hatred for administrative, bureaucratic, baboonish nonsense into words in the English language because such words do not exist and should probably not be spoken.

15 years with Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance. It can also save you 100% on car insurance by giving you a bike. Love you too Geico Gecko.

So we have done a lot of biking this week. On Tuesday we ended up coming in early because we were both sick and we hardly had the energy to bike at all. I almost blacked out going up one of the hills we were biking.

We met a couple cool people biking. I suppose that is probably the reason why we have been put on bikes; to find people who we would otherwise not find in a car. And so I try to remain positive about it, however, it still does not change my strong dislike for bureaucracy.

On Wednesday we did some service for this old man that had just moved in. We helped him unpack a lot of his stuff and I learned what adult diaper packages look like. I will now keep my eye out whilst going through people’s stuff.

On Friday we did some service for Habitat for Humanity, which was fun. After that we went to First Wok, a Chinese food place, because they give free food to the missionaries. It was there that I learned that Chow Mein in real Chinese places is actually not noodles, it is vegetables.

Saturday was good obviously because it was the baptism. It went really smoothly and afterward we stayed home for the rest of the night because all the missionaries have to stay in for New Years Eve for safety. That was when we got the crazy call that we were leaving.

Sunday was great. We had the confirmation of Gloria and Ramón and then we said our goodbyes to the ward. I will definitely miss this ward. We spent the rest of the evening writing notes for the next missionaries who will be coming here.
Overall it was a great week. I am very sad that I am leaving here but it will be nice to get some change. I’m sure I will have a lot to talk about next week. Sorry if I was vague in this email.

Anyway, I gotta dash.

With love and sunshine,

Elder Jeremiah Brown


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