Another week in Windsor Lake

So this week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy happened. It was
actually pretty slow but I guess not every week can be crazy awesome.

So on Monday we spent P Day with the Hopkins Elders, which means I got
to hang out with Elder H. (comp. from Blythewood)! That was super fun because I haven’t
gotten to see him in a long time and he is probably my best friend in
the mission.

Tuesday we visited a bunch of people and didn’t have too much success.
We biked a ton and honestly nothing too noteworthy happened.

Wednesday we probably biked 20+ miles. We went all over the place and
got to talk to a few people, but nothing too significant happened. I
probably found close to 25 pennies on the road. After we biked around
the world, we went to Ward Coordination and had a good meeting there.

Thursday we do a weekly service project at PAALS, which is an Animal
Assisted Living training center. We get to play with the puppies and
help maintain the facility there. It is a lot of fun because basically
as service we get to play with dogs. After nothing too significant
happened until about 9 we got a call from an unknown number. I
immediately recognized the number because it was a 916 area code. It
was a member from Foothills ward in Sacramento asking for help moving
into this ward! Unfortunately we were not able to help him but it was
cool talking to someone from back home.

Friday was ZTM which was good. Afterward we went to Zaxby’s with the
ZL’s and then went home and changed into service clothes for a service
project we were going to help the ZL’s with. They are Spanish elders
and we were going to help them clean up one of their less active
members back yards, an man it was filthy. There was trash everywhere
and a pile of dead crabs which smelled worse than almost anything I
have smelled in a long time. It took pretty much the entire rest of
the day to clean the yard up and then we headed home for the night.


Today we also biked a TON. We really didn’t get to talk to very many
people but we worked hard I guess. Nothing else too significant

Sunday we had sacrament meeting which was good. Afterward we went to
visit a recent convert here and taught him about the priesthood. The
rest of our evening was spent planning and preparing for the rest of
the week.

So as I typed this out the more I realized actually how dull this week
was. That’s ok though, I had a good attitude about it I think.

Hopefully next week will be more exciting. Until then,


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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