I done turned mahself old

I was trying to think of what happened this week and then I remembered that it was my birthday. Yay! I am one year closer to dying.

This week was pretty alright. I don’t remember too much of what happened and I did a bad job of doing a nightly journal entry. It was kinda slow for missionary work though.

On Monday we had a pretty laid back P-Day. We just sat at home and played board games, which was actually quite refreshing.

On Tuesday we had DDM. It went ok but some of the Elders who were supposed to speak were not able to make it so it kinda threw a wrench in the program. Luckily Elder C. filled in for them and it ended up being pretty good I think.

On Wednesday we did service for SBP, the service organization that helps re-build homes that were damaged in the flood. That was pretty fun and it ended up taking up most of the day. We were working on mold removal and also putting up insulation, so we got to wear protective suits (we were working with some gross chemicals) and I felt like I was in Breaking Bad.

During service we went to lunch at Five Guys and some random member payed for our meal. That was pretty cool.

On Thursday we did service for PAALS, the dog training place. That was good as usual. I found a lizard and let it bite onto my ear and it made the supervisor lady freak out. I felt accomplished.

Afterward we went by and visited a bunch of people but didn’t have any success in actually getting into peoples homes.

Oh ya, and it was my birthday! I almost forgot about that. It was a good birthday, obviously nothing too exciting though because I’m a missionary. It sure beat last birthday when I spent the day packing up to leave Conway.

On Friday we biked a bunch and really didn’t see too much success. We went to Texas Roadhouse for my delayed birthday dinner. I have never been to Texas Roadhouse before and it was pretty good. We ended up having to take our food to go and eat it later because they took a long time and our dinner hour was over by the time we got our food.

Saturday was probably the best day of the week. We got to see W. J., our recent convert. He is doing really well, and he shared a lot of his back story with us. He got out of 10 years in prison only a year and a half ago and is now married, in the church, and is supporting a family. For someone who’s only 28, I would say that is a big accomplishment. He truly has been blessed by the gospel.

We got to visit a few other people but nothing else crazy happened.

On Sunday we had Sacrament meeting which was good as usual. There were a lot more people there than normal, which was surprising considering that it was the Super Bowl. Man I do not like the Super Bowl out here. Nobody wants to talk to you when they are watching people chuck leather around in tights.

So basically Sunday wasn’t the greatest for missionary work. We biked around trying to talk to people but everyone was busy.
Overall, a pretty slow week. But that’s fine, you get those sometimes. I feel like all of my emails have been pretty boring lately so hopefully some cool stuff starts to happen and I can spice these things up a bit.

I think that is all. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and emails!

con muchas gatos,

Elder Jeremiah Brown






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