Buffets will be the death of me

Well this week has been a pretty good week, although I am not sure how interesting it will be to read about. Things have been a lot less slow lately and we’ve had some fun times.

So I’m getting this email off a little bit later than usual because we went down to Charleston for a doctors appointment and partied it up down there for a few hours. We went to this Mexican place that was WAY good. They had this Mexican street corn that was hands down the best corn I have had in my life. That’s been our P-Day so far.

On Monday we weren’t sure what to do for P-Day so we went to the Temple grounds and walked around. It was pretty cool and that is the first time I have visited the temple here. I wish we were allowed to go inside but we literally are not allowed to.

After we walked around the temple we went to a church book store across the street, Nephi’s Books, and looked around for a while. I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything though cause it was expensive.

Tuesday was ok. My bike started having problems so I had to spend a good chunk of the day working on it. I hate spending time on bike maintenance and I am terrible at it.

On Wednesday we did service for SBP as usual. We put the finishing touches on the house we have been working on and it is pretty cool to see how it has changed since we started it.

After the service we had an appointment with a bible referral. Usually bible referrals are pretty lame but lately we have been getting some really good ones. This one was pretty cool. He was just moving in from Florence and was interested in meeting with us and really wanted to see what we believe in. We are hopeful that maybe he will actually progress, but who knows. We wrapped up our evening by going to ward coordination and then going to give one of the new sisters that just transferred in here a blessing. Overall it was a pretty good day.

On Thursday we did service for PAALS as usual. Playing with dogs is always fun. Nothing else too notable happened today though.

Friday was the opening ceremony for the house that we worked on. It was cool because the local news was there as well as a whole bunch of missionaries from Columbia. I will send pictures of the event when I get them.

After the ceremony we went to visit Sister A. Man it is really hard to get myself to go visit her. The place is still really smelly and while we were in there I literally saw a mouse crawl up the wall and into an outlet port. The rat infestation there is so bad that they are living in the center of their family room on an air mattress because the rats have taken over everything else. It is disgusting. Hopefully we will be getting them some help soon.

On Saturday we went out with Brother E. for a while. We didn’t have too much success but it was good to go out with a member for a while. He insisted that he would take us to lunch, so we eventually gave in. He told us he was taking us to some cafeteria place nearby, but it ended up being Golden Corral. My oh my I ate way too much food. I also discovered that the rumors are true, they do have all you can eat cotton candy. It was pure bliss.

Sunday was pretty great. We biked a ton and got a lot of work done, although we didn’t have too much success.

I really can’t say that anything too crazy happened this week but it was just a better week for missionary work than the last few weeks have been. We found out this week that I will be here with Elder C. for another 6 weeks in Columbia.

Other than that I don’t think much else happened here. I guess that’s my week.

Until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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