Very pollen, such sneeze

Sooooo much pollen.

Just walking home from church yesterday coated my shoes in this yellowy powdered sugar from hell. You can literally see it in the air, and it doesn’t do my respiratory system any good at all. I may as well be inhaling razor blades while the corporate world of medicine harvests my pain in the form of overpriced nasal spray.

Anyway, sorry for that rant. This week was pretty good. I guess I say that every week but I don’t have bad weeks too often. I neglected to keep a daily log of my week so I will just give the highlights of everything.

As I said last week, we went to Charleston for p day which was fun. I have been to Charleston a lot but it has been a while so it was good to go again.

On Wednesday Elder C. and I were asked by the ZL’s to do a musical number for Zone Conference in a week. We are doing a piano/violin duet and it should actually be pretty cool. We were going to do an arrangement we found on but instead we decided to make our own arrangement for “If You Could Hie to Kolob.” I was really worried at first about what we were going to do and it didn’t seem like we were going to be able to put anything together. Luckily we figured something out and it seems like it will be really cool!

On Wednesday we also found out that the Spanish Sister’s area in our ward is getting shut down, so we will have one less set of missionaries in the district. I am not sure what this means because it will make our district super small, so I wouldn’t be surprised if our district gets reorganized. We will see what happens.

Wednesday we were tracting in a neighborhood and a young father and his son were walking down the road a bit ahead of us. He seemed pretty friendly and we started talking to him. Something seemed off right off the bat because he seemed way too friendly, almost like he had his own agenda. Then it all made sense when he said he was a member of First Baptist and asked if we knew where we were going after this life. Honestly I am so sick and tired of having this conversation. I was super tempted to just say “We’re going to hell!” in a really cheery voice but then I remembered I’m a missionary and probably shouldn’t do that. We had a really superficial conversation with him and then went on our way.

We did service for PAALS on Thursday as usual. Nothing too crazy or abnormal happened there.

On Friday we had ZTM (not Zone Conference). It was pretty good and it was fun seeing the entire zone. We also had interviews with President which was cool. Afterward the ZL’s and us went out to lunch at Little Pigs all you can eat BBQ. It was soooooo good. It was all you can eat southern food and man I wish my stomach was bigger. The ZL’s said they saw an ambulance outside of the place the other day and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone died from excess food intake.

Those were the cool things that happened this week. Nothing too awesome happened in terms of missionary work. Lot’s of people not home and such. A less active family we have been working with lately finally came to church though! We were super pumped about that.

Anyhow, that’s my week. Talk later.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

The Columbia Zone (Elder Brown is on the back, 6 over from the right)



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