Biking, more biking, and even more biking

Lots of biking this week. I probably logged more miles on my bike this week than I have any other week of my mission. Honestly it was a fun week though, and the weather was great too. I wish that I had more success to talk about, but unfortunately this week nothing too crazy happened in the world of missionary work.

On Tuesday we had DDM in the morning, which was kind of weird because of how few people were there. Luckily we had more people than usual because the W.’s, a senior couple that travels around, came to our DDM. Fun fact actually, they told me that they lived in Payson and I found out that they know my Grandma! It is a small world.

We then spent a good chunk of the day cleaning out the Spanish Sister’s apartment. We got to take all of their food because there won’t be people living there for a while. You can imagine we were more than happy to help with that. Whilst doing so, my  companion found a lighter and some rubbing alcohol and almost burned the apartment down. Afterward I went on exchanges with the Sandhill Elders and that was good, although our ride ended up making a “quick stop” on the way to their apartment that ended up being 3 or so hours and also ended up being 20 or so miles out of Columbia. Exchanges can be adventurous I guess.

On Wednesday we had a ride fall through so we ended up doing a longer exchange than planned. Elder LeCh. and I went to dinner with a part member family in their ward, and we had beef sandwiches which were WAY good. The non member father is a really awesome guy who comes to church every week and even participates. Honestly I don’t know why he isn’t a member already. He told us that he is still looking for answers, but I think he doesn’t realize that not all the answers come until you take a leap of faith, whether that is baptism, or any big decision you make spiritually.

On Thursday the majority of the day was spent at PAALS doing the usual dog service. Nothing else too crazy happened.

Friday we did a TON of biking. There were a bunch of people way up at the top of our area that I wanted to go see. In all of Elder C.’s 9 months here, he had never been up to this spot because of how hard it is to get there. We found a way up but it was super inconvenient and we had to bike through some really rich parts of our area, in which we are very strictly forbidden from knocking doors in, so everybody gave us dirty looks. We found a few new less active members up in the top of our area but that was about it. We were super exhausted afterward so instead of biking home for dinner we went to Cookout, which was pure, inexpensive bliss. After that we biked around a bit more and then went home. We probably logged a good 25+ miles, so I slept very well.

Saturday was filled with a lot of busy work. There wasn’t too much cool stuff that happened besides in the morning we did a work out session with Brother Watts and I am still feeling it today. He’s got a pretty cool set up in his garage so we did some boxing and such.

Sunday was pretty good, although we did a ton of biking again. The C. family had their inactive mother over for dinner so we biked up there and had dinner with them. It was good food and it was great being able to get to know some members better. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to have a meal in a members home, so that was fun.

I honestly don’t know what else to talk about. It may not sound like it but it was a pretty fun week.

Anyways, I gotta go.


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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