I don’t even know where this week has gone. Time goes by faster and faster the more you’ve been out.

Monday was a pretty run of the mill P-Day. We went shopping, got some mexican street corn and then played bored (I mean board) games. There is just not much to do in Columbia. Today should be fun though cause we are going to hang out with the Columbia Elders.

Tuesday we had DDM, however, because there are only four Elders in the district now we had DDM at the park and it was more of a discussion. It was a lot of fun and pretty cool to have a meeting outside. It was also super hot in the sun today and I roasted. We biked a ton too, so that didn’t help.

On Wednesday we had SBP, so we got to help out at a house down the street from us. We painted and did paint prep for most of the day. That was about all we did though.

Thursday we did service at PAALS as usual. We helped them put down pine shavings in their training facilities. After that we went to visit some people but didn’t really get to meet with anyone.

Friday was interesting. We went to do some service for a guy in our ward who has a rental house that is wrecked. He was letting a friend of his temporarily stay in it for free until he found out that she was just using it to store all of her cats and dogs in it. So basically for five months straight she let her animals do whatever they wanted in there, and only stopped by occasionally to give them food and new water. It was NASTY. The carpet was so soaked with fecal matter and urine that it stained the concrete underneath. He told us that he wished the place had just burned down so that he didn’t have to clean it up and he could just collect insurance money from it, because apparently he isn’t able to get much money for the damages that were caused.

He neglected to tell us until AFTER that there was a chance there was still a flea infestation, so we left worrying that we might have taken some with us. Luckily, we did not take any with us, to my knowledge at least.

Saturday nothing too cool happened. We had weekly planning and a bunch of other mundane stuff like that.

Sunday was pretty good. It seemed like we spent a large majority of the day in meetings but it was good. President Turner came to our ward council and trained them on how to do the new missionary program the church is putting in effect here.

Later in the day we had Stake Priesthood meeting. It was pretty good.

After that we went to go visit some people and had a cool experience. I felt like we needed to go visit this one person that we have tried by a ton but nobody ever answers. As usual, they didn’t answer, but then we felt like it would be a good idea to visit someone nearby that we hadn’t had contact with for a while. I guess this put us in the right place at the right time because as we pulled up to his house he was backing out of the driveway. He was happy to see us and said that he would love to meet with us next Sunday evening. It was a cool experience because we definitely would not have been there otherwise.

Anyway, that was about all that happened this week. I was reading through some of my old emails and came across ones from Greenville. Man, those emails were way more exciting. Sorry if these aren’t.

Gotta go, talk more next week!

Con Huevos

Elder Jeremiah Brown


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