Child #2

So transfer calls went out this week, and I will be training a new missionary here in Windsor Lake this transfer! I am super pumped. Wednesday this week will be transfers so I will find out who he is then.

Putting that news aside, this week was awesome! A ton of really cool things happened this week and it’s probably been the best week I have had here.

P-Day was kinda lame on Monday. We were supposed to do stuff with the Columbia Elders but then they ended up not being able to so we just sat at home and played board games… again.

Tuesday we had DDM, which I think went pretty well. We actually had a decent amount of people because the W.’s (senior missionary couple) came and the Zone Leaders as well. I talked about how we can dedicate ourselves more to missionary work and we had a good discussion about things we could do to become more consecrated. After DDM, I went on exchanges with Elder B., one of the Sandhill elders, here in WL. Most of the day was pretty slow, however we had a really awesome experience at the end of the day.

Last Saturday I was weekly planning and I was going over lists of people in our area. I felt oddly, but very strongly inspired to visit one person on the list, specifically on Tuesday. We almost ran out of time on Tuesday. It was getting late and this less active member was on the other side of our area. I remembered how inspired I felt though, and I resolved to go. So, Elder B. and I went and visited said person. When we pulled up the first thing we saw was a HUGE, military vehicle parked on their driveway! Like I have never seen one of these in person, let alone parked on someones driveway. I wish I had gotten a picture of it but it was dark, so I will have to get a picture of it later. It was a six wheeled armored vehicle that had to be as tall as the house. The wheels on the thing came up above my chest. I was a little bit terrified to go knock on this guys door but we did anyways. I am so glad that we did. The less active member answered the door and warmly invited us in. We talked for a while and got to know him. He told us about the armored vehicle and how his father, who he takes care of now, is really into military weaponry and on a whim he bought it from a magazine. It was made as one of a kind in the 1980’s and was used in several of the middle eastern conflicts, apparently as a command vehicle for military leaders. It can drive through 7-8 feet of water without damage and has over 250 square feet inside of it, along with a sniper turret on the top, a wench, and a lift. He would have given us a ride in it but it was dark and he didn’t know how to turn the headlights on. My new goal in life is to have one of those. So sick.

That wasn’t even the cool part! We started talking to him about his life. He told us about how he had become less active, and how his 21 year old son had died a few months earlier in a car crash. He expressed guilt for becoming less active and wanted to know what would become of his son, who had not been active in the church either. We had an amazing conversation about the Plan of Salvation and what the Savior did for us. The Spirit was very strong, perhaps the strongest I have witnessed on my mission, and I really felt love for this man. He told us he wanted to start coming back to church, but needed a push to get there, so he offered to start being our ride to church on Sunday. It was so awesome. As we finished up talking, he told us that the last few days he had been contemplating suicide, and that we had definitely been inspired by God to come and visit him. I am so glad that I actually followed the prompting I had. It would have been very easy to just go visit a few people close by and then go home, but we would not have had the experience that we had. Following the Spirit is so important.

On Wednesday we exchanged back. We had a difficult time finding a ride but got Brother Lewis, a less active member, to drive us to exchange back. He brought his dog with him and during the ride his dog puked all over the car, ate it, puked it up again, and then, yes, ate it. Oh and I got spattered in the process. Yummy.

After we exchanged back went and did service for SBP, which was good. We put up insulation and I officially hate fiberglass.

On Thursday we did service for PAALS. It was pretty normal but it started dumping rain part way through so we took the puppies inside to play instead. That was a lot of fun but it was super crazy.

After that Elder H. (one of the ZL’s) and I went on exchanges and had a pretty good night. We found a cool lady named D. and she agreed to meet with us in the future. We were about to go home and I suddenly felt like we needed to visit someone kind of random. It was a part member family that I had only talked to one time before, and I really didn’t know why we needed to go. It was around 9 and we stopped by, and for the first time in a long time we actually got to talk to them a bit. I explained why we came over and they seemed touched (either that or they thought I was crazy), that we would feel like we need to come by. They told us to come by in the future, so hopefully that goes well.

On Friday I found out I was training. That was pretty much the only notable thing that happened.

After Sunday evening session ended, we went to visit the W. family. Their mom (the crazy one who sings) came in as we were talking with a big bucket of catfish. She found some random pond and started fishing in it and got a ton of fish. Elder C. grabbed on of the catfish and almost the entire family screamed and ran out of the house. It was absolutely hilarious!

General Conference was pretty great! I really enjoyed all of the talks and it just seems like I get more as a missionary than I did back home. Maybe I just care more. There really seemed to be a theme of growing and purifying ourselves through Jesus Christ. I wish I could quote a few of the talks but they don’t have the text versions put together yet.

Anyway, my time is running up. Hope you guys have a great week and I will talk more later!


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Also, I almost forgot. This link should get you to the recording of the musical number Elder C. and I did. Hope it works.


That was the park DDM. Elders LeCh., B., C. and me.IMG_0326

Pizza with Elder C.




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