Life without brakes

This week was crazy. It was pretty awesome, but it was crazy.

My new companion is Elder N., from somewhere in Washington that I
can’t spell or even say. He is pretty cool, and really wants to work
hard and get a lot out of his mission, which will be great! Elder
C. ended up going to Spartanburg, which is next to Greenville.
He will have fun there.

So Monday we decided to go to the church to play sports, which was fun
because we got to see a bunch of missionaries from the Columbia area.
It was around 4 o clock when we got a call from President Turner who
told us that we couldn’t leave the church until 6:30 because of
tornado warnings. So basically most of our evening plans fell through.
We spent most of the evening packing and cleaning.

On Tuesday we did service at SBP for a large majority of the day.
Afterward we had a super busy evening. The brakes went out on my bike
part way through our day’s travels, and it took like 10 times longer
to slow down than it normally would. As a result I wrecked my bike 3
different times, although the worst was when I was being dumb and
decided to ride down a super steep gutter on the side of a gas
station. I did a front flip though so at least it was cool.

We had an appointment with Brother M., the guy who had the armored
vehicle and everything. That went well and he told us he is making it
his personal goal to get back to the temple.

After that appointment we went to the W.’s so Elder C. could
say goodbye. It was a really good visit and Elder C. promised
W. that if he got the priesthood he would see more blessings than
ever. W. really needs to get the priesthood, because it will
strengthen his family. We are just trying to help him see that.

Wednesday was interesting. We went to transfers and were told to go
straight back home after we got our new companions because of the
dangerous storm coming in. So we did, and then we got put on lockdown
for the rest of the day. Lockdown as a missionary is terrible because
its not like we can just play video games, watch TV or read Harry
Potter all day. We just sit around and do nothing. I guess I got to
catch up on some sleep, but that was about it. I felt bad for Elder
N. too, because it was a pretty dumb first day and impression of the

Thursday was rough. It was sunny and warm outside but it was SUPER
windy. There were points during the day when I was almost blown off of
my bike. I hate wind as a bike Elder. Nothing too notable happened
although we found a new investigator named T. which was good. It
was a pretty rough and exhausting day, and Elder N. was probably
really discouraged because his experience in the field hadn’t been too
great so far.

Friday we had weekly planning for a good part of the day. We visited a
bunch of people but didn’t get to talk to very many people. The
weather was a lot better though. I found out that I am doing a musical
number this ZTM. When people find out you play the piano it never

On Saturday we did a TON of biking because the weather was beautiful.
We got to have a doorstep lesson with D. which was cool. She
actually has some interest in what we have to say, however, she has
some major concerns over blacks and the priesthood. Hopefully she will
read and pray about the Book of Mormon and that concern will go away.
That was definitely the most notable thing that happened today.

Sunday was awesome! Sacrament meeting was super awesome and W. got
up and bore a super powerful testimony. I am starting to really love
this ward!

We had an appointment with a member whose records weren’t in our ward
after church. She texted us and asked us if we could come and visit.
We brought a member with us and it was a great lesson! She has three
teenage boys who are really awesome people. They stopped coming to
church a while back because their family was cutting them off because
of their beliefs, but they wanted to start coming back! It was really
cool and I am really excited to see what happens with them.

After that we had a dinner appointment with the W.’s, which was
fun. That finished our evening.

It was a great week overall. I had a lot of fun and I am looking
forward to next week.

Anyway, I gotta go! Talk more next week!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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