Biking mayhem and stuff

So this week was kinda hard and very slow. Lots of crazy stuff happened.

I have less time than usual to write today, so I will just highlight some of the stuff that happened this week.

The biggest announcement is that I am no longer serving in Windsor Lake Ward. I didn’t get transferred or anything. On Sunday the Stake reorganized a large majority of the ward boundaries here, which included dissolving both Sandhill’s Ward and Windsor Lake Ward, and combining them into a new Ward called the Summit Ward. My 5thish area! Kinda.

So right now we aren’t too sure what our area boundaries are or what is going to happen to our area. We now share the ward with the former Sandhill’s Elders. We might get a car and a bigger area, or we might get an even smaller area and stay biking. We aren’t sure yet. Elder N. and I will be staying together though, so that’s good.

Other than that the week was filled mostly with bike problems. My bike pretty much exploded this week and now I have to fix the chain, the brakes, the cables, and the bearings in my back wheel. It seems that the bike has been worn out evenly. On top of my bike breaking, two other bikes I borrowed from the Zone Leaders broke as well. I’ve just been having terrible luck with bikes I guess. Hopefully I will get my bike fixed today.

We worked super hard this week and we have not been having a ton of success. I am staying positive though. I don’t feel too bad though because I know we are working our hardest.

Anyway, that is most of the week. Things should be picking up this week I hope. There is definitely change coming.


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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